Former Israeli Prime Minister Claims that Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Were Sabotaged by Western Powers

By Romegas

On Saturday, 4 February, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sat down to give his first in-depth interview since leaving office in June 2022. The nearly five-hour-long discussion was posted on his personal YouTube channel and the video contains several shocking statements by the former Israeli head of government in relation to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, revelations, that should have had all the mainstream media analyzing them word for word.

But obviously, the mainstream media whose only purpose is to parrot a narrative ignored the explosive declarations altogether just as it gave a pass to the equally shocking declarations by the ex-president of France and ex-Chancellor of Germany that they were never serious about abiding with the Minsk I and II agreements or ignoring totally the more recent claims by famed investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that it was the US that blew up the Nord Stream II pipelines (of which I will write separately).

One has to keep in mind that Israel is perhaps the US’s closest ally – and any of its prime ministers cannot be exactly called Putin’s stooges – as any critic of the West’s role in provoking and sustaining the war in Ukraine is immediately labeled.

According to the former Israeli PM, negotiations about this potential peace agreement started as early as 7 March 2022, merely two weeks after the invasion began on 21 February. Bennett traveled to Moscow in early March to meet with President Vladimir Putin. He was in constant communication with then-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and US President Joe Biden to take coordinate on how to navigate talks about the possible ceasefire.

According to Bennett, the UK’s then PM Johnson, a loathsome creature by any standard, was the most adamant about taking aggressive action against Putin. Scholz and Macron were exploring more pragmatic options, while Biden was in support of both approaches. The talks between the two belligerent sides seemed to be making some headway, with both parties making concessions. Putin vowed not to have Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy killed and to not demand disarmament from Ukraine; Zelenskyy agreed to not pursue NATO membership for his country, which was Putin’s primary contention.

At the same time, Russian and Ukrainian officials were engaging in a negotiation of their own in Gomel, Belarus. So, there seemed to be a very real chance for making peace in Eastern Europe again. However, the major Western NATO powers ultimately decided to end negotiations because they ‘decided it was necessary to continue to smash Putin’.

In light of the suffering and loss of human lives that have since ensued in the war, these revelations are hard to understate. They become even harder and more damning once you understand that if it were not for the US, NATO and the EU – the Ukraine might have still had a future to exist and function as a sovereign state, not to mention have its infrastructure preserved and avoided hundreds of thousands of pointless deaths, because all that Russia wanted initially was for it to become a neutral state – and now it risks being eliminated altogether.

I have always told you, that we are being led by a bunch of arrogant and incompetent fools, who time and again overestimate their capabilities and underestimate those of others. These revelations actually reveal they are not only fools but also criminals.

Metsola – Instead of prancing about on stage with Zelensky and pretending that you are some kind of stateswoman what have you got to say in the light of these revelations? What have the fact-checkers at the Times got to say? of course nothing – the only thing they are capable of is playing the piper’s tune.

You can watch Naftali Bennett’s interview in its entirety below, with English sub-titles available. The discussion about the war and his role as a mediator starts at the 2 hr 33 minute mark.

One thought on “Former Israeli Prime Minister Claims that Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Were Sabotaged by Western Powers

  1. Good article – listing and explaining how Europe has been manipulated all along with Zelensky piping the tune leading his country in a war that could easily have been avoided through proper dialouge and good will from both sides.
    The continuous reference to communism as has been done in a negative light throughout the article however is a bit too much, for communism ideology is much wider than a mere restriction to abide with some petty enforcement rules.

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