A Year of Contradictory Narratives

by Romegas

Ever since the Russian intervention in Ukraine began a year ago, the media has doubled down on feeding us a number of totally contradictory narratives – narratives that expose the level of shameless propaganda that now predominates in the so-called ‘’western democracies’

On the one hand, we have been told that Ukraine has been winning the war with Russia, that it has dealt the totally inept and corrupt Russian Forces unsustainable losses, and it is always a moment away from delivering the decisive blow yet, on the other hand, we are told that the very same Ukraine always seems to be in need of more funds and material, that it needs our commitment to the very end if it is to stand any hope of survival.

On the one hand, we are told that the Russian Armed Forces are corrupt and inept – incapable of fighting and sustaining devastating losses while in the same breath, we are told that Russia is a threat to the ‘’free world’’ because it wants to invade all of Western Europe – excuse me but how can such an inept force, that according to western media – seems to be running out of everything and cannot even win a battle in Eastern Ukraine be capable of even attempting to invade our precious ‘’democracies’’ in the West to deprive us of our ‘’freedoms’’?

On the one hand, we are told that Putin is mad, sick with cancer, and out of touch with reality – and yet on the other hand this guy is portrayed as a latter-day Professor Moriarty – capable of influencing all that goes wrong in the West from influencing the outcome of US elections to single-handedly seemingly capable of orchestrating and co-ordinating the armies of ‘’trolls’’ who have a different and critical opinion of this schizophrenic narrative from his bunker – He seems to be everywhere, under every bed, – from funding subversive ‘’populist’’ parties to being directly responsible for all the woes that afflict our masters rather than us.

On the one hand, we are told that he is a vicious dictator, whose people are disgruntled of – and who we could encourage to topple him if only we could expose them to the superiority of our woke ideas yet on the other hand we have sacked and persecuted Russian citizens among us, be they athletes or orchestra conductors if these were not ready to abhor their own president, to denounce their nation and culture and their interests – hell in our zeal, we even thought that canceling Rachmaninov and eliminating Dostoevsky from our cultural performances or curricula were good ideas.

So what is it to be? – which of these two narratives are we to choose? – how can we choose both at once? Unless we are terminally cognitively dissonant?

Let me repeat once again ad nauseum – we in the West far from being some kind of shining light unto the world have become an antithesis to it – we try to convince saner people that are out there that men can become women, we try to convince them with our stupid and shallow ideology, that we are somehow morally superior – that our financial and ideological imperialism is for their benefit – we expect them to follow us in our ruinous acceptance of doublespeak.

They will not follow, indeed they will be glad and probably better off once they have got rid of our pernicious influence for good.

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