The EU is now an Orwellian Dystopia

By Romegas

Speaking at a conference dedicated to the EU’s response to ‘foreign disinformation’, Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat stated the EU’s blanket censorship of Russian media was not a measure to curb free speech but to protect it. Borrell boasted that this crusade against Russian media “effectively banned them from operating”.

In a statement that could have been lifted verbatim from 1984, he added with a straight face:

“In doing that, we are not attacking the freedom of expression, we are just protecting the freedom of expression,”

Yes, you read it right, there are no errors in the transcript. You see poor old Borrell and all the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in the Commission want to save us from our own ignorance. God forbid that we might listen to other points of view such as those offered by Russian media that might contradict the ever more untenable narrative that the EU has been force-feeding through an EU-funded (European taxpayers – the EU doesn’t produce anything) and thereby compromised media.

You see, according to our elite, we’re so dumb that we cannot be trusted to have access to divergent points of view and make up our own minds. Indeed we’re so dumb, that Borrell informed us that EU is now busy creating at our expense (literally and figuratively) a platform called the Information Sharing and Analysis Center to ‘combat falsehoods’. There’s no doubt who will determine what is true and what is false, just as there was never any doubt in Orwell’s Ministry of Truth

And if you thought that the analogies with Orwell are exaggerated, perhaps you don’t know that the ‘European Peace Fund’ is being used to fund NATO’s Proxy war in Ukraine (of course without ever asking for our consent)  – and this despite surveys showing ever-growing numbers of Europeans being opposed to sending arms to Ukraine – but when did our opinion ever matter?

The EU can set up as many ‘fact checking’ institutions as it likes, it can lie as much as it wants – it can insist that men can become women and women can become men, it can insist that the murder of children is healthcare, it can lie as much as it wants on what really provoked the war in Ukraine and about its conduct and outcome, but ultimately reality will always find a way to impose itself because that is the nature of reality.

There will come a time when the whole edifice of lies crumbles down  – just as it did in the USSR before it.

When that happens, the EU will be staring defeat squarely in the face: economically, politically, and militarily. Its acolytes will have to explain how they got it all so wrong, they will have to explain why we ended up all the much poorer and why.

It will be the beginning of the end of the EU, and as we have seen with the USSR the end can come quite quickly and no amount of lies or ‘fact checkers’, no amount of censorship, or indeed even gulags be they physical or mental will save it.

The whole ‘project’ is rotten to the core – and that’s why it will fall.

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