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Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg said during a news conference last month that conversion therapy for gays “is harmful… as these practices within the LGBTIQ community feel as though they are lesser than others” (sic). It’s all about feelings. By the same token, it could be argued that she shouldn’t try to convert Nationalists to Labour because in so doing Nationalists will feel as though they are lesser than Labour. Neither should she try to convert those of us that have different opinions than her about homosexuality, because in so doing, she makes us feel lesser than her in our insight. Nor should she try to bully us with prison sentences since in so doing she makes us feel less human and civilised.

When Robert Abela calls for “reforms and equality,” he’s referring to death in the womb, and prison rot for Christians. Undoing hundreds of years of Maltese law overnight requires Mengeles with angelic faces, blowing the kiss of death to the Christian tradition which safeguarded us for centuries.

Years ago, when homosexuals went public in their demands in Malta, they pleaded for equal rights. They just wanted to be like the rest of society, the heterosexual majority, they said. They did get rights. And what rights! Rights that choke the free speech of the Maltese. This is unacceptable and blame lays squarely at the doors of the Labour and Nationalist parties. Corruption used to be of the financial type. Now it extends to thought and speech as well. The battle for the pocket has extended to the battle for the mind and soul. Truth is increasingly a media fabrication, a media that operates as a fascist on steroids rather than as a bugle blaring out facts. The media is corrupted by the woke government that dangles financial incentives to those who sell their soul to the devil among us.

Seeking to justify an extreme law against conversion therapy, Buttigieg tweeted on Twitter, “Zero tolerance for those who try to push a frivolous agenda.” No more carnival, I thought. No more ministers with frivolous portfolios. No more monuments to frivolous objects. No more carcades after football games. Once the game is over, the carcade won’t change the score. No more fuss about police uniforms that can’t enforce law and order. But who is to say what is frivolous? I am no fan of the regatta but to the rowers who break their back in training for a fleeting moment of glory on March 31, it means the world to them. I wish them well even though March 31 is a political hoax.

If she considers conversion therapy as a “frivolous agenda” why does she hit it with a sledgehammer, imposing €5,000 in fines and up to five months in prison? If it’s a frivolous agenda, as she calls it, she has no business sticking her nose in. She has no place on the regatta boat if she wants to be bossy and destructive.

Buttigieg wears big black glass frames that give a false aura of scholarly wisdom until she opens her mouth. On January 1, she tweeted, “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store and we can’t wait to welcome you in Malta for EuroPride 2023 [in] September.” And that was it for 2023 on her horizon. Just gay pride. It’s a pride that paves the road to hell by suppressing the rights of others, including free speech. Days later she announced the draconian law.

In the same news conference, Rebecca Buttigieg referred to the gays as “LGBTIQ.” The last letter, “Q,” stands for “Questioning.” This is a reference to those who are questioning their identity. If they are questioning, they need an answer. What Buttigieg’s law does is to shut off the questioning. The “Q” by itself destroys the legitimacy of the conversion law. If someone has a question about something, a silent reply is no answer. What’s raging through the mind calls for psychological assistance, prayer, and no butting Buttigieg. All this stuff about transvestites and a zillion genders shows that most of the pride stuff resides in the mind with zero biological basis. The inquisitive mind won’t rest until it figures out the answer, sometimes through the assistance of others. “Shut up!” is not an acceptable law or answer.

Why do the gays keep changing their acronyms in Malta? LGBT. LGBTQ. LGBTIQ. LGBTIQ+. The people of the alphabet can’t figure out who they are. Those who hate themselves seek legal Armageddon for those who are willing to help them. Most gays are decent human beings. It’s the militant ones who are ruining everything for everyone, representing nobody but themselves. The militant gays’ mission in Malta, as the public is increasingly witnessing, is to aggravate and foment hatred towards Christianity, marching good priests to court, and hurting journalists that give a voice to the marginalized. If there is something that unites us all, it’s human suffering. We all suffer. The gay laws keep coming to pile more suffering on us.

The gay laws, for the most part, should be ditched. What started as a plea, turned into a spiteful scam from overseas. The history of Malta repeats itself. Political interests from abroad come in promising us freedom and peace. But Napoleon is never passive. Once we take them in, and they root themselves in the system, they turn out to be the bean broomrape (i.e., “budebbus tal-ful”), the parasitic plant that infests our beloved bean plantings. It invades the field, sucking its nutrients from the bean plants. Just as the Knights gave the welcoming city key to the French, the Nationalists and the Labourites did the same to free-speech squelchers who posed as lovers without boundaries. Sadly, the history books wither in the library. We have Nadia Delicata, an associate professor at the University of Malta, claiming on record that for her “reflections on complex pastoral issues of the Maltese context, [her] inspirational resources are not books.” The Gahans make their pronouncements like Gahan would, ignoring the books.

Pity the Maltese Gahans that have a propensity for putting on big black frames to cover their ignorance. Pity even more the once valiant Nationalist Party that, in ushering in the woke agenda, has unwittingly become the bean broomrape of Maltese politics.


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