Remembering Stalingrad: “Unbelievable but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull”

By Romegas

Today is the 80th anniversary of the defeat of the Axis forces in Stalingrad. From what I can see, very few of the western media and none of the local media bothered to commemorate it.

What a despicable shame.

The battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943) is not only perhaps the deadliest battle in history with an estimated 2 MILLION total casualties (that is nearly 3 times the amount of all UK and US casualties in the entirety of WWII), but more importantly, it was here that the back of Nazi Germany’s offensive power was irrevocably broken. It was a defeat that Nazi Germany, along with its Fascist allies would never recover from.

Contrary to the Hollywood version of history – Nazi Germany met its end in the East – over 80% of its fighting power be it infantry, armour or air power was destroyed in these gargantuan battles on the Eastern front – battles fought on a scale we can hardly even imagine and Stalingrad was the battle that proved to be the turning point of the whole war. Later, there would be Kursk, Operation Bagration, and of course Berlin, but it was in Stalingrad 80 years ago when it became clear that not only Axis forces would be ejected out of the USSR, but that German Nazism would be crushed by the Red Army and that the war would finish with its unconditional surrender in Berlin.

Yet most people in the West think that victory in WWII was due to some guy who saved Private Ryan. Don’t get me wrong the guy who saved Private Ryan was a hero too – but meant nothing in the great scheme of things.

It is even more shameful, that 80 years on – our incompetent and degenerate leaders demonstrate not only a complete ignorance of history – but the same sense of superiority and sense of exceptionalism that Hitler and his European-wide coalition felt before them.

While here in the West, we are busy rewriting history, and thereby giving little significance to this anniversary – the very opposite is happening in Russia.

In Volgograd today (previously Stalingrad and by commemoration renamed Stalingrad for 10 days every year), elaborate ceremonies of commemoration have been held.

Among the things that President Putin had to say to his people on this important occasion, was this:

“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites,” 

“Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them. We’re not sending our tanks to their borders. Yet we have something to respond with, and it would not be limited to armor use only, everyone must realize that,”

May we never come to that, may Europeans never experience the horrors of Stalingrad ever again – but I have little hope – our leaders know little about history and even less about modern warfare.

In memory of all who died, let’s hope not in vain – I offer you two perspectives of the battle for reflection:

The German one:

And the Soviet one:

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