Can our Prime Minister stop wasting the people’s time by accusing others and start showing leadership instead?

From a reader of this blog.

What on earth did the Prime Minister have in mind when he stated ‘Country cannot be anchored by old courts sentences”: as carried on TOM on line Sunday 29th January 2023? The PM left it at that without elucidating the point he wanted to make – if he ever had any to make. His bragging is getting worse as time passes. Furthermore, he accused  the Opposition of a conflict of interest, saying he was being criticised for calling for harsher court sentences by the same people who worked as lawyers and every morning went to court to plead for shorter sentences for their clients.

But hold on Mr. Prime Minister. Have you forgotten that until recently you too were a working lawyer – whether a criminal one or not is immaterial – and earned so much as to own not one but two yachts? By attacking your fellow legal colleagues is just not done particularly at a political rally. It is reminiscent of dictators who are hell bent on destroying democracy.

Instead of talking nonsense, the PM needs to roll up his sleeves, pull up his socks and, as elected leader of our country, show us just how capable he is to run it. So far he has been a worse disaster than any previous administration and wastes precious time on promoting himself as a useless PM.

Instead of passing judgement on colleagues and old court sentences why does he not get down to work and start proposing the necessary amendments – after all he is a lawyer.  If Parliament’s time can be wasted debating protecting just journalists, it should have much more time to dedicate to more crucial and immediate issues.  Let’s take the issue of 16 year-olds being considered minors according to the law of the land and for this reason, these 16 year-olds can get away with heinous crime because they are considered minors! But then these same minors can vote, run for office and get married.  We all know why these minors have been burdened with adulthood responsibilities! This was introduced simply for the benefit of the political elite but certainly not for the good of Malta or her people. What a farce. Just bring back common sense.

What is even more concerning is to read what our Prime Minister stated publicly that the government remained focused on helping the people in all their difficulties. This is sheer hogwash. But even worse is to discover that our Prime Minister takes solace in Ursula von der Leyden’s statement…  and he [the PM] was particularly encouraged last week by a statement by EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen who had praised Malta and urged it to ‘carry on’ in its work which included growing the economy, improving the environment and strengthening the justice and rule of law sectors. This only goes to demonstrate how subservient Malta has become and how her sovereignty and independence have been lost.

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