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No matter what one’s political persuasion is, we all agree that there is something inherently wrong with the Nationalist Party. This is a party with a great history, from sealing independence for Malta and trucking the whole country, despite the opposing screams of the Labour Party, into the European Union. 

Now that it is in opposition, it can play an important role in the democratic system by providing a check on the Labour government and holding it accountable for its actions. It can also offer alternative policies and ideas for voters to consider. 

Despite these important roles, the flaws within the party continue to multiply as Nationalist voters watch with horror the Pieta drama. The internal structures are paralyzed and have been unable to unseat Dr. Bernard Grech despite the man taking the party to new lows in the last election. There is a feeling that no new leader will readily emerge unless there is the collective vision of how to carry the party through to governing Malta. There are two ends of the political spectrum for the Nationalist Party. One is its traditional embrace of Christianity. As the churches empty, accusations arise that Christianity is out of touch with modern society and its values. What Christianity is all about can be distilled in the Ten Commandments. The other is the woke culture.

The Ten Commandments are a set of religious laws that are fundamental in the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They are great for several reasons as the history of Malta has shown over the centuries. They provide a moral framework for individuals to live by, promoting values such as honesty, respect for others, and self-control. They help to establish boundaries for acceptable behaviour and can be seen as a guide for ethical and moral conduct. They promote the idea of one God and the importance of worshipping only Him, instead of some fake prime minister who mismanages the country’s coffers and administration for his own good. They encourage individuals to treat others with compassion and respect, promoting concepts such as honouring one’s parents and not stealing or bearing false witness. On top of everything, they are eternal, universal, and fundamental to human nature, which is why they have been widely respected and considered as great barometers of responsible citizenship.

The government of Malta enacts laws. Without the Ten Commandments as the underpinning, it promotes homosexual behaviour, a cult that drags Christians into court for expressing their religious beliefs. It legalises marijuana that increases the risk of mental health issues such as depression and psychosis. Marijuana is addictive and impairs the cognitive function. It impairs driving on our difficult roads. The government has also legalised divorce, the breakdown of the family at the heart of the community. The outcome is an increase in poverty, crime and other social problems now manifest in our streets. For the victim left to raise the children, sadness, anger, guilt, and depression mount. So do the problems for the children as our teachers can attest. Divorce leads to a decrease in the standard of living. The outcome of our godless laws is a negative effect on marital and work relationships and the quality of life.

Now the government wants abortion too. Talk about sadness, guilt, depression, and violence against women as one’s own child is dismembered and tossed into the abortion bucket. Professor George Buttigieg, a visiting senior lecturer in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Malta, addressed the Nationalist Party meeting against abortion, held at the Hotel Excelsior, a few weeks ago. He grabbed everyone’s attention with his observations of when he was pursuing his studies overseas from 1979 to 1985, seeing a huge amount of babies lying lifeless in abortion buckets. When he looked at the cases’ medical files, he could not find a valid reason for any of these babies to be killed. He brought some of them to Malta for further studies back then. Peppi told him that he had seen one of his glass jars. Peppi was so shocked by the sight that it set him on the road to being unabashedly pro-life. Professor Buttigieg was so touched by this observation that, for a moment, he had to recompose himself to carry on with his speech. These are grown up men, no strangers to battle and death in their profession. And yet they too are emotionally crushed by the brutality of the state against its weakest citizens. “We don’t want to politicise this fight,” Professor Buttigieg said, “but the facts are what they are.”

The other option available to the Nationalist Party is to go woke, which it has already done with horrific effects for our current situation. In so doing, it mimics the Labour government, from IVF to the gay agenda. This means that the Nationalist Party is at best redundant, at worst a facilitator of evil, as it cannot beat Labour, the master of the woke chessboard, at its game.

Shedding the wokeness, and embracing the Ten Commandments, doesn’t force anyone to church. Nor does it make saints out of the non-compliant. Instead, it treats citizens as responsible individuals with a set of rules that have withstood the test of time. The Ten Commandments encourage a loving and community-oriented nation. The alternative is to continue to treat the Maltese as cats in the alley and give them access to tools that befit animals in heat. If our laws treat them as animals in heat, we should not be surprised that a whole section of the population behaves like animals in heat. And another section of the population, massive in its size and still faithful to our fathers’ values, drifts further away from a misguided political party.

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