And so the merry-go-round keeps going round while our journalists never ask why Yorgen Fenech was not allowed to appear before the public inquiry

By a reader of this blog

Always faithful to its never changing mud-slinging agenda the Times of Malta on Monday 23rd January 2023 ran a long article and true to form once again gave us a long list of names of firms and individuals and alleged criminal misdeeds which remain alleged innuendoes despite every attempt to the contrary. And I quote “… when slain journalist DCG dropped hints about what they were up to…” I am afraid that “dropped hints” are not enough to substantiate facts. Could it be the case of wishful thinking thanks to an inordinate growing wokesm harbouring jealousy, hatred and envy?

Furthermore, by referring to the Public Inquiry lambasting the police re Panama papers, this too is just too pathetic. If the TOM and its staff were to be less biased and far more professional, they would ask themselves the obvious question – Why was Yorgen Fenech never allowed or asked to appear before the public inquiry? After all it was meant to be a Public Inquiry intended to be impartial and apolitical.

From the reading of the report, one can only conclude that it was far from impartial and apolitical. It called many a Tom. Dick and Harry but barred Yorgen Fenech – a deliberate omissis and cowardly decision – preferring not to interrogate the alleged mastermind when it could do so!

This goes to show that there are those out there who prefer going from pillar to post using whatever underhanded means available, showing us that they do not want Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder solved and so the merry-go round spins on its axis aimlessly.

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