Croatia’s president was astounded to learn that his country is at war

By Romegas

Commenting on the German foreign minister’s declaration that Europe is “fighting a war against Russia,” Croatian President Zoran Milanovic stated that this was news to him, and wished Berlin better luck than in WWII.

Germany’s Foreign minister declaring that Europe is at war with Russia

While visiting the port city of Split, Milanovic said that his country “should in no way help” Ukraine militarily, “Do you want us to enter the war?” he asked his audience rhetorically.

Decidedly framing the Ukraine conflict as one between Washington and Moscow, he reminded reporters that he was criticized for merely echoing the words of Kiev’s defense minister who had bluntly stated that the current conflict was a “proxy war” between NATO and Russia.

“Now the German foreign minister says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that,”“Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck, maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago.”

Asked whether the latest delivery of NATO weapons including tanks would have a decisive effect he responded that: “Russian or American, they burn just the same,” .. “they will only prolong the fighting

“Those tanks may burn, or they may reach Crimea, but Croatia will have nothing to do with it,” he insisted.

Croatia’s president has frequently clashed with the nationalist parliamentary majority over Croatia’s Ukraine policy. Just last month, Milanovic openly opposed Zagreb’s participation in the EU program to train Ukrainian troops, saying that such training was unconstitutional.

 “If we are at war with Russia, then let’s see what we need to do. But we won’t ask Germany for its opinion,” He added: “Let them figure out who is the actual chancellor over there. I’ve been in politics for a long time, and our country has been through a lot, but I’ve never seen this kind of madness before.”

And madness it is indeed.

After the German Foreign minister’s outburst, several diplomats have been trying to play down her words with the latest being the French Foreign Ministry

We are not at war with Russia and none of our partners are,” ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre said on Thursday, according to AFP. “The delivery of military equipment… does not constitute co-belligerence.”

Washington’s European vassals can say what they want, Russia does not believe anything they say anymore and they don’t matter anyway – and if anything they probably believe that Annalena Baerbock was at least being honest – unlike Merkel or Hollande before her who have admitted that they participated in the Minsk agreements to try to bring the events in Ukraine to a peaceful solution in bad faith.

Whilst there seems to be confusion in Europe of who is at war and not, Russia holds no such doubts – it knows exactly who it is at war with, and has known it for a very long time for this war did not start yesterday, neither did it start last year.

Russia knows exactly who its real enemy is and has long prepared ahead of this confrontation – indeed at the very start of Russia’s operation in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin had this to say:

I would now like to say something very important for those who may be tempted to interfere in these developments from the outside. No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. No matter how the events unfold, we are ready. All the necessary decisions in this regard have been taken. I hope that my words will be heard.

But we in the West no longer know how to hear – and one wonders whether we even know how to think sensibly anymore.

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