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If I were elected to parliament, and garnered enough power, I would ban any attempts by the Labour Party to convert Nationalists into Labour voters. Conversion of a principled Nationalist cannot occur except by deceit or bribery since money corrupts. I would heavily tax the Labour media in its attempt to poach Nationalist voters. Words of hate such as “min għandu l-għali jkompli jżiedu u minn m’għandux naraw x’nagħmlulu” have no place in the peaceful country I envision.

If gays are so weak and fragile as to deserve to be coddled by the law, so are the Nationalists, who are in worse shape, going from bad to worse and increasingly facing extinction. The Nationalist flag will fly in our hospitals and our embassies instead of the gay flag. After all, what did the gays ever do for us? Unfortunately, the current crop of leaders in the Nationalist Party is too unsophisticated to realize that in championing woke causes, the party is overlooking its own purpose and destiny that are threatened by the same woke ideology.

The way I look at it, bronze monuments to Lorry Sant, Mintoff and other hate mongers should be torn down, molten in furnaces and converted into artistic beauties fit for a nation that sees value in glorifying anatomical intestines in front of the prime minister’s office. Colour will be mixed into the resulting sculpture and drab colour for monuments will be relegated to cemetery sculptures only, where colours are intentionally subdued. We need some colour instead, in public spaces, in the spirit of multiculturalism.

While blacks can be found working in private industry such as in manning the indispensable garbage trucks that dot our land, they cannot be found in the civil service or other plum jobs that are dished out by the party in government before every election. These are jobs that pay a full day’s wage for two hours work before sunrise, before anyone realizes that the workers have come and gone already. This is why the country underestimates how widespread such practice has become. Our Labour government will be held responsible for the far-right government it is, racist and anti-black. There is no just way that a beach cleaner must be white to get a government job. There is no justice in a job description that filters pseudo-manual work to white Labourites only.

The security desks that we face at the airport every time we fly into Malta will be relegated to shame and oblivion. The “far-right” insults that were dished out against Maltese citizens who expressed concern that Malta was being taken over by other cultures will be meted out against the Labour ministers who run these desks. These desks are nothing but racist barriers to what would otherwise be a loving country welcoming foreigners with pastizzi and Kinnie.

Labour is unabashedly racist. I will have no tolerance for those behind it. The penalties will be heavy since Labour didn’t just deceive. It also destroyed the reputation of innocent Maltese citizens who cried out for safeguarding our culture. The citizens had a right to their beliefs, including free speech. These citizens will be remunerated by the country’s exchequer for the pain inflicted on them by the racist regime.

Labour has had it too good for decades. It should have faced justice for its violence a long time ago. But Nationalist leaders have proved weak in wiping out political nonsense that fosters grave injustices upon those who bravely stand up for our rights. The time will come when every mansion acquired by corrupt Labour practices will be confiscated and sold to compensate the crucified. If Labour has no respect for the child in the mother’s womb, the party will see no respect outside the mother’s womb when our time will come. Come it will when the woke in the Nationalist party are rejected by the same voters who put them in there. A woke index will be created for every candidate. It’s already the best inverse predictor of who gets elected and by how much in traditional Nationalist quarters. To curtail violent crime, currently blossoming under our far-right government, prison sentences will automatically kick in upon the finding of criminal guilt. The circus of conversion therapies meted out by inept judges will come to an end. Jeremie, you’re a lost cause and a criminal. Your mother will be better off without you.

My generation is not the fool it’s made out to be. We are not sheep grazing on weed. Nor do we want to kill our children as we set out to the next step of our relationship and start a loving family. We just look around at our seniors that are supposed to guide us from their parliamentary towers, and we conclude that they are the source of our public policy afflictions. Their time will come, and their arguments will be used against them. There will be no conversion therapy for them either.

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