Adrian Delia issues a strong statement after the Prime Minister states that he is not too comfortable to let his daughter walk in Maltese streets.

Using his Facebook page, Dr. Adrian Delia explains why it is wrong for a Prime Minister to state that he, (i.e. the Prime Minister) is afraid to let his daughter walk in our Maltese streets because of the increase in daily crime in Malta. Delia explains why such a statement by a Prime Minister is wrong on so many levels. Here are the reasons why:

1st : A Prime Minister should not put blame on the judiciary or attack their sentencing policy, let alone put undue pressure on them in particularly testing times. This both because they are prohibited from replying or commenting in public and because it amounts to judicial interference constituting an asssult on their autonomy and independence.

2nd: If the Prime Minister truly wishes to see harsher repercussions to crime being administered by our courts what he should do is set up a law reform committee to revise and amend the criminal code and legislate harsher penalties ;

3rd : When a Prime Minister pronounces the failure of security and safety in one’s own country under his own watch the first thing one would expect is the handing in of the resignation of the Minister of Interior. Of course in Malta this shall not happen. Therefore it is only political gesturing and responsibility shirking . Sad but worse still dangerous.

4th : This leaves the citizens in disarray. It spreads fear and anxiety when he does not only highlight a massive breakdown of societal discipline but offers no solution at all. Where do the people look for protection then ? How will they seek to live in peace and quiet ? Who will guarantee their well being ?

Delia concludes that this does not augur well for our country. Delia ends his message by stating that “We have embarked on a slippery slope and it is safe to conclude that those who created this chaos can certainly not be the ones to solve it.”

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