The EU sponsored journalist, Manuel Delia, opens his canons against Magistrate Joe Mifsud for attacking the drug lobby

The EU sponsored journalist, Manuel Delia did not feel comfortable with what Magistrate Joe Mifsud had to state about the drug lobbyist in Malta and how they have hijacked the local debated to push forward their agenda.

Magistrate Mifsud made his comments after a Jeremie Camilleri appeared in front of him charged with the murder of Perin Kaya. The Police is arguing that Camilleri was acting under the effect of drugs. There are even video footages to prove.

Magistrate Mifsud made is clear that his comments were of a general name and have nothing to do with the case per se, which according to the Maltese law, it will go now to the second stage, that of the compilation of evidence that will be heard under a different magistrate.

But our legal system permits for the magistrate to air aloud his reflections as he hears the accusations and charges that are levelled by the police.

However, the Eu sponsored journalist did not feel comfortable that a magistrate attacked the strong drugs lobby in Malta. Now, he is making a case that this is not correct because the rights of the accused may be prejudiced. This is the same journalist who wrote and wrote endless articles to state that Yorgen Fenech is the mastermind behind the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and libelled those, who like me, that were and are still questioning the proceedings of the investigation of the police in the Daphne’s murder as “mafiosi”. I was not the only person called mafioso by this EU financed journalist. There were others, including individuals who take a different approach to that of mine on a number of social issues. But this is how the EU works. It sponsors media terror.

But I will invite my readers to read Manuel Delia’s article and I will leave to judge who are now the mafiosi and who are the individuals who article in support of organized crime.

One does not need to be an investigative journalist to understand that Magistrate Mifsud comments against organized crime did not go well with those making millions, if not billions, out of the drug trade. I can add that they did no go well even with a section of the judiciary for reasons that have nothing to do with the principles of the rule of law.

There is another statistical point that I wish the readers to keep in mind. Crime in Malta has exponentially increase from the moment that Malta joined the EU. We are less secure now then we were before. It is time for the Maltese citizens to start asking and demand answers from the EU why it finances certain journalists who are notorious for their malicious pen.

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