Malta continues to make a name for itself as an intolerant country: the persecution by the Maltese State of Matthew Grech gets coverage on Fox News

The story of Matthew Grech gets coverage on Fox News. If the Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Buttigieg and her cronies thought that she was going to get some Brownie points by pushing for court procedures against Matthew Grech, the contrary is taking place. Instead of Malta being seen as a hospitable country, it is now making a name for itself as an intolerable island where to live. It is making a name as a land of persecution against Christians. This is the heritage that we will inherit from these minority extreme groups.

After the successful persecution that this Government – hand in hand with the media – against Fr. David Muscat, the target now is the members of the River of love. But even if this religious group may appear in Malta as a fringe group, the Pentecostals are very strong in America, something that those pushing the LGBT agenda did not realize. This shows how stupid the latter are. They Pentecostals succeeded in having Matthew Grech’s story covered by Fox News, which is one of the most news channels followed in America. It is followed by millions every day.

One may agree or disagree with the River of Love. But this story is showing that as Christians, they can muster support at an international level which far larger groups, as the Catholics, are not capable of mustering.

In the process, Malta’s name is being tarnished. No one abroad will express any sympathy towards a country whose government drags its citizens through mire for speaking about their personal experiences. The dictum of my body my choice of the LGBT community does not apply to Christians in Malta.

This is another case where Rebecca Buttigieg’s ministry is proving to be a total disaster. Unfortunately the Liberal Left will fail to save her. She is destined to go from one blunder to another because she lacks the necessary experience and wisdom.

And our Prime Minister has to stop experimenting at the cost of our freedom of speech as well as the good name of the country, which we once had.

11 thoughts on “Malta continues to make a name for itself as an intolerant country: the persecution by the Maltese State of Matthew Grech gets coverage on Fox News

  1. Oh now we worry about our country’s reputation. When neoconservative pundits with homophobic agendas mark us as ‘unsympathetic’ and making us seem like a land of persecution to Christians? Not when a journalist is murdered and making us seem like a land of persecution to journalists. Also stating that “the dictum of my body my choice of the LGBT community does not apply to Christians in Malta” in this context is purely out of point. This conversion therapy is condemned indeed because it goes against that so-called dictum you mention. It forces people to suppress their identity in favour of one which is acceptable by a bunch of Jesus freaks.

    1. Jesus freaks? Since when followers of Christ are called “Jesus freaks”? Well, I am a Christian and honestly, I prefer to be called a “Jesus freak” than a woke or liberal freak. If only everyone was a Jesus freak, we would all be tolerant of each other. “Neoconservative pundits”? Firstly, kindly note that neoconservatism began among liberal hawks who became disenchanted with the growing new left. Secondly, although two wrongs don’t make a right, so in your argument, the “neoconservative pundits with homophobic agendas” are to be condemned but the liberal with lgbt agendas are not to be condemned? Thirdly, how is the dictum of my body my choice purely out of point? So, the LGBT community has a right to state “my body my choice” but someone like Matthew Grech, does not have the right to practise “my body my choice” and become straight? And sexual orientation is not one’s identity. One’s identity is more complex than that. In the name of Jesus, God bless you. By a Jesus Freak.

      1. Matthew has every right to choose whether to practice a homosexual or heterosexual lifestyle. It does not matter. That is his choice. What matters is if he and his peers decide to force that choice on other people through forms of deception by preying on people with mental health issues and with possible gender dysphoria. Just because they believe in some absolute way of being which they feel everyone must follow at all costs.

        1. All Matthew did was just make his experience to the public, which he has a right of. River of Love has never forced that choice on other people. If you read my other piece, you would know how some who were deceived into changing sex via hormones and operations, were led to depression and suicide when they realised that it was not what they wanted. And this is something which I have also tackled in other pieces whereby even scientists are speaking against. So who is truly forcing people here?

        2. Why don’t you join River of love and ask fof conversion therapy so you can check if it’s true.
          You guys have no proof of your every allegations, try spy on river of love perhaps the holy spirit will hit you and realise you’re covered by God’s spirit .
          Haters of God will die the death for lies and blasphemy against Holy Spirit. Don’t assume River of Love is like a fake Catholicism that nothing happens. River of love is a God fearing church and you’re dealing with God to strike you.

    2. Liars have their place in Hell , there has never been conversion Therapy in River of Love , and it is the work of the holy spirit when a man is reborn new, I know you don’t believe in God that’s what your problem is ,everything the bible says is thrash to you .

  2. There is no conversion therapy at River of Love, not one or a couple of years have I and my wife have attended this fellowship that is to this nation God’s gift to all who humble themselves to God’s word but 12 years this April. It would be hypocritical for River of Love to say that they follow Christ Jesus then try to convert anyone. Has your god become so powerless, ours is the same yesterday, today and forever and He’s into the life changing business. This fight isn’t against us, you’re coming up against the Almighty God, you’re in our prayers that He shows you all mercy.
    His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. This country is not the same as when l have been brought up it is run by communist.when l visit this country of Malta l always go to this church because they speak the truth of the bible they never add or take off from it we love you Matthew in Australia we are praying for you ..These people they need to repent and turn to Christ again .🙏✝️❤️🇦🇺

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