Have we been fed insects for decades without knowing? (2)

By Marica Micallef

Before the FDA deems a 14.5-ounce can of tomatoes tainted, it must contain eight or more fly eggs or one maggot. However, you can be confident that eating insect eggs is not unusual. In Mexico, they rank among the most popular menu items. Mexican caviar, also known as ahuahutle, is a regional delicacy made from the eggs of aquatic insects.

According to FDA regulations, each 250-milliliter sample of canned fruit juice can safely contain one piece of a maggot.

Insects like worms and beetles enjoy the sweet treats that raspberries and blueberries provide. The FDA recognizes this and permits up to four larvae or ten whole insects per 500 grams of berries, or roughly 2.5 cups.

When it comes to reducing your waistline, cinnamon may be a miracle worker, but it also conceals a dark secret. According to its guidelines, the FDA allows up to 400 insect fragments per 50 grams (or 1/4 cup) of cinnamon.

The yin and yang of condiments are said to be salt and pepper, and most of us season our food liberally with both. However, those times might soon be in the past. Unbelievably, 50 grams (or 14 cup) of ground pepper can contain up to 475 bug parts and still be considered safe to eat.

On another concluding note, in Mexico, people can now buy insect-based pet food, apart from already having that available for human consumption already.[1]

For instance, Insect Nutrition, based in Guanajuato, sells products made from edible insects for both people and animals. Items for pets include everything from high-protein dog supplements and dog treats to traditional dried insects for fish, birds, and reptiles. Although most of Insect Nutrition’s products are marketed for human consumption, this illustrates how human and pet foods are increasingly becoming one.

So, they were able to make the entire world population wear masks in a few months, close businesses at will, without a thought for anyone’s livelihood, and now they want to shift the entire world population to eat insects. Instead, why don’t they close the junk food producers and abolish alcohol and cigarettes?

If junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes kill millions of people every year, why are those items constantly available?

[1] https://www.petfoodindustry.com/articles/11437-insect-based-pet-and-people-foods-marketed-together

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