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The first victim of fanaticism is truth. When fanaticism overpowers the government, it’s sooner or later reflected in the country’s laws.

Most murders in Malta are committed by women and most murder victims are males. In 2020, we had 7 homicides in Malta. Homicides are almost always committed by men and the victims are usually men.

The government also tells us that about 500 women went overseas in 2020 to commit an abortion, a homicide by another name but murder it is, nonetheless. As Edwin Vassallo pointed out in this blog, if someone physically attacks a pregnant woman, and causes the termination of her pregnancy, the law proceeds on two criminal fronts for the respective harm done to mother and child. We may assume that in an abortion, about 50% of the victims are males in their mother’s womb.

Thus, for 2020, out of about 507 murders, 500 of them or almost 99% of them, were committed by women. Out of the 507 victims, just over half of them were males.

Malta’s femicide law is driven by political fanaticism rather than solid statistics. The statistics show the opposite of what the law’s proponents suggest.

Further undermining the femicide law, is the constitutional protection granted based on sex. The Constitution holds in Article 45(3) that affording different treatment to different persons attributable to their sex is not legally acceptable. The proponents of the femicide law will try to wiggle out this by referrring to Aritcle 45(11) which allows for “special measures aimed at accelerating de facto equality between men and women… shown to be reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.”

Article 45(11) can’t justify the femicide law. First, it was enacted while abortion remained illegal which means that men, responsible for about 1% of the murders, as shown in the above statistics, are being punished by a femicide law that punishes this 1% minority on the basis of sex. Second, the government shot itself in the foot when it claimed that every year, hundreds of Maltese women succeed in procuring an abortion, lending further weight to the above statistics.  Third, as the statistics demonstrate, the government can’t meet the onus placed on it to show reasonable justification for the law.

We just had the first case where a man was formally accused of violating the femicide law. In front of murder, our blood boils and cries out for justice. Well and good. But what happens if down the line, the accused decides to challenge the femicide law on constitutional grounds? And prevails? What happens next? Walk free because he was subjected to an unconstitutional law? This is why the justice of the streets doesn’t sit well with the overriding justice of the courts.

I hate to bring in football into murder statistics. In football we have a separate statistical category for “assists,” recognizing that some players play an integral role in goals scored by passing the ball to the goalscorer. The player who assists is part of the outcome, the goal scored. In all fairness to mothers, many are pushed and assisted to the abortion table by men. The men are callous and hideous in exploiting the fragile situation by withdrawing love and compassion when it’s needed most. It’s even more atrocious when the men in suits shut off the helpless child’s access to life and liberty for the whole nine months of pregnancy. This is assisted infanticide, found nowhere else in the EU.

The sociopaths who wish our children dead may temporarily enjoy the trappings of the state, but the wrath of God remains on them. So many good-hearted Maltese are wandering in the wild like prophets, feeling ostracized and ignored in their concerns. But their widespread voices of dissent, as shown by the 20,000 in Valletta, mean that the nation has been warned. The assassination of our children will bring down a whole country to ruins just as entire American cities are falling apart in the absence of supporting families. The child needs the mother just as the mother, at a later point in life, will need the child. It’s the child who should bury the mother, not the other way round. Without the child, the nation will cease to be. Our exceptionally low birth rate has been the canary in the mine. Abortion will be our demise.

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