Jonathan Attard’s words ‘Whether a woman lives or not is not up to public opinion’ do not augur well for any female in Malta.

From a female reader of this blog

It is not clear what the journalist Karl Azzopardi wishes to convey to the reader when using this particular sentence ‘Whether a woman lives or not is not up to public opinion” as his sensational headline for his article that appeared on the online version of Malta Today dated 12th December 2022.

This sentence is taken from the Minister of Justice’s speech in Parliament re the abortion bill. From whichever angle one tries to understand this most unfortunate turn of phrase, I cannot find any mitigating factor to justify any Minister pronouncing it in this day and age. Not only does the choice of words reveal Minister Attard’s misogynistic sentiments towards women but also his true feelings towards the public [opinion] at large, which he must have forgotten should comprise everybody.

Having declared this gauche sentence in Parliament seems to have given him licence to show off his true colours but which in reality does not augur well for any female in Malta whether taken albeit in the context of the bill in question or not. How dare any Minister stoop so low and dismiss women’s lives and public opinion in such a dismal fashion?  It is an abomination.

If ever a misogynist exists that is Minister Attard for he has clearly revealed his views and opinion of women and the public at large. How dare he? What does he have in mind? Is he so inebriated with his ministerial post that he rides roughshod over the voter in such a manner?

Such totalitarian ‘outbursts’ – under the aegis of parliament – carry a whiff not only of threatening and bullying behaviour but also highlight the true sentiments of our government and administration. To have such temerity only accentuates the administration’s true colours. One that has no belief in democracy despite all the pseudo periodic interviews to defend the indefensible.   

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