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Malta’s fake newspapers are incomplete in their spoon-fed comments from Jay Weeldreyer and Andrea Prudente. Here are the counterparts in our blog of facts.

Fact 1: Gimme $200,000
When Andrea Prudente was at the hospital in Malta, her handler Jay Weeldreyer’s sister set up a GoFundMe appeal asking people to donate $200,000 because they were facing “sky high medical bills.” Nowhere did the appeal mention that Prudente and Weeldreyer had bought travel insurance in case they needed medical evacuation. Nor did the appeal seek to explain how they had arrived at the
amount. Having very round numbers ($200,000) often fuels suspicions in auditing cases. Most of the
donors were from her state, Washington, thinking that she was being held in Malta where she would die along with the baby.

Fact 2: Prudente’s cha-ching cash register is still open
Apart from suing the government of Malta for compensation, and filing two libel charges, Prudente’s
GoFundMe page is still open for anyone to contribute to the $200,000 pot of gold. Some have donated
under their name; others have donated anonymously. The only person in the donors list that has a
Maltese name is Anna Trigona ($50). Anna has worked overseas all her life except for her first four and
half years of work. The biggest single donor ($5,000) is Jason Brink who in June was hosting a gaming
conference in Malta, charging $8,000 to each conference registrant.

Fact: 3 Prudente had COVID
Prudente has indicated in the media that she was restricted in her freedom to travel within and outside
Malta during her few days on the island. She does not mention that she tested positive for COVID in
Malta. And that once the COVID was deemed to be noncontagious, she was free to sign herself out of
the hospital and fly to Majorca for the abortion.

Fact 4: Malta has the best healthcare
Prudente paints a damning picture of healthcare in Malta and how traumatised she was by the round
the clock treatment. Her handler, Jay, was even more dramatic in his choice of words: “She’s getting
poked multiple times a day, blood, every day they’ll check a heartbeat…” Yet, his sister Kimberly Myron,
admitted in writing, in GoFundMe, that Malta is a “country with top notch health care.” This contradicts
Weeldreyer and Prudente’s scathing criticism of the Maltese hospital system. In Malta’s healthcare
history, Weeldreyer and Prudente will go down as the first two to complain that they received too much

Fact 5: Prudente asked her handler to hit her hard in the stomach
Yep! Jay Weeldreyer has confessed in the Daily Mail that Prudente “asked him to hit her ‘as hard as he
could’ in her stomach to stop the [female] foetus’ heartbeat.” Weeldreyer added: “You are looking at
your partner and she’s asking you to… hurt the baby you want.” This was days before Malta’s femicide
law went into effect. Tender love from tenderloin quarters.

Fact 6: Prudente didn’t qualify for abortion in most of the EU
Prudente conveniently fails to mention that in most European Union countries, abortion is legal in the
first trimester, up to Week 13, and that her pregnancy was in the second trimester, in Week 16. To
extend Week 13 by a few weeks, in most EU countries, including Spain, the doctors must certify that the
mother is in danger of losing her life. The Maltese doctors didn’t issue such certification because she
wasn’t in danger. But some doctor in Majorca…

Fact 7: Prudente doesn’t want to release her Maltese hospital file
Prudente is free under the law to release her Maltese hospital file to the press and public. But her
lawyer secured the assurance of the court that her file will be kept secret, at least for the time being.
The reason why the secrecy is important is that her life was never under threat. This was confirmed by
the Maltese government’s lawyer from the Attorney General’s office. The file will be kept under lock and
key to allow parliament to foist a hoax and mass murder on the public in the name of the
unsubstantiated Prudente case.

Fact 8: Twisting risk to fit the argument
Prudente’s supporters in Malta keep telling us that it was safe for her to travel at least 20 hours from
Seattle to Malta for vacation and that she wouldn’t have done so if her doctor advised otherwise. They
conveniently ignore that it was even more dangerous for Prudente to travel from Malta to Majorca for
her abortion. The Maltese medical advice was for her to stay under observation in Malta instead of
flying out to Majorca. Prudente ignored the advice despite the fear that she might resume
haemorrhaging during the medical evacuation flight. As Weeldreyer subsequently admitted in a video
interview with the Associated Press: “That entire time that you’re traveling, if anything goes wrong, it
could end up being catastrophic.” But better bleed to death over the deep blue Mediterranean Sea than
stay under medical observation in a top-notch healthcare system.


Pro-abortionists tell us that Malta’s pro-life laws endanger lives. Yet, they are unable to mention lives
that were extinguished by Malta’s pro-life laws. Malta’s forthcoming pro-abortion law allows abortions
for all 9 months, like most American abortion laws. Guttmacher’s latest available figures, from 2020,
indicate 930,160 legal abortions annually in the United States. Malta is projecting 500 abortions per year
under its forthcoming law. This is based on figures of Maltese women traveling overseas for an abortion.
However, once abortion is available in Malta, the numbers will skyrocket into the thousands. Once vice
and sin are made freely and widely available, from pornography on the internet to marijuana in the
flowerpots, hell breaks loose and devours its victims.


  1. excellent – pity the fact checkers at the times sucking up EU funds wouldn’t have published these inconvenient facts even if handed to them on a plate.

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