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Perhaps you foresaw that feminist Emma Portelli Bonnici of the online group Ghajjejt u Xbajt would mature and marry. But what type of man? According to Andrew Farrugia, on lovinmalta, Emma’s group excluded men who don’t act in a sissified manner, or in woke jargon, “cis-gendered men.” She would only welcome a man in her fold who, as Aerosmith put it, “Dude acts like a lady.”

Chasing a sissy boy is not the road to marital bliss. Talking to women who are seeking out a lifelong partner, Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, asks “What sort of partner do you want? You want an overgrown child? Or do you want someone to contend with that’s going to help you? Women deeply want men who are competent and powerful – powerful not in the sense that they exert tyrannical control over others… Power is competence and why in the world would you not want a competent partner? Well, I know why actually, you can’t dominate a competent partner… Women who have had their [previous] relationships with impaired men… and who are afraid of such relationships, will settle for a weak partner because they can dominate them. But it’s a suboptimal solution. I think there’s a substantial minority of women who do that, and I think it’s very bad for them. They’re very unhappy.”

Portelli Bonnici is exasperated at the world around her. She feels betrayed by her general election experience when she ran on two districts, in two rounds. She lost on all four outcomes. In the first round she competed against cis-gendered men as well as female candidates. In the second round, she competed again, this time only against the women. The Nationalist voters, for some reason, put their trust elsewhere.

She ran on the Nationalist ticket which promised not to legalize abortion in Malta. Labour ran on the same ticket too. Since she favours abortion, she could have run as an independent. Lacking a following, she jumped on Bernard Grech’s bandwagon. She fell off and is licking her wounds. Her mantra is increasingly “Xbajt” (translates “I have had it”), inspired by the earlier Tony Zarb’s more emphatically named “Issa Daqshekk” (translates “Now I have had it”). Losers are the mother’s milk of political gambling.

This week she spilled her beans publicly about the charade she set up for her candidacy in the general election. It was all a fake façade, down to the most minute detail. She wrote how the Kinnies she would hold while talking to constituents in the village square during the campaign were just a make believe. Kinnie isn’t what she preferred. Aware that Kinnie is the national soft drink, she would imbibe the bittersweet drink brewed from bitter oranges and extracts of wormwood to burnish her credentials as a Maltese patriot.

The good people of the ninth and tenth districts had certain expectations of how a full blooded Nazzjonalista would behave on the campaign trail. She tried to meet their expectations by twisting her behaviour, living a lie to hook every vote she could muster. It was all a hoax. She said that as a candidate she would “stop smoking in public even if you’re usually at a pack a day.”

She now confesses that even the cross she wore on her chest during the election was an attempt to fool Christian voters. Her gesture was as fake as Herod’s expression of eagerness to welcome baby Jesus. Speaking about her campaign experience, she said “you… pretend your less agreeable opinions don’t exist, put on your little crucifix necklace and pose for photos where you look more devout than the Pope.” Except, we add, the Pope doesn’t tilt his head sideways to the left with a grin on his face, like she does when she is faking it.

She is now all out for abortion with no need to pretend she’s “as pro-life as they come” (to use her exact words), and will no longer pull any punches, unlike the other women who got elected instead of her in the Nationalist Party. Writing a full-fledged article in Malta Today, she sported a massive photo of Ms. Prudente and her political activist, at the Maltese hospital. Immediately above the photo, her title ran in bold letters: The Great Lie. Amen, we say. Great optics, Emma!

In a couple of months, this spring, she will marry a handsome young American from Kansas. Non-cisgendered, I assume. And her surname will change from Portelli Bonnici to Zeak, pronounced ZIY-K, a perfect name for her personality.

Mr. Zeak is the luckiest man alive. Just a few months ago, this woman could have been poached from under his nose and catapulted into Parliament. She would have been left with no time for him because she would have been serving her constituents. Now she has all the time in the world, birthing his beautiful children away from the abortion bucket. She is eagerly preparing for her new “Amerikanata” experience, as she called it in Malta Today. She shared with the readers the names of her planned children, all starting with “Z,” of course. “Looking at you Zane, Zedan and Zhania,” she wrote. Abortion for thee but not for my zee. As Jordan Peterson put it, the day she’ll realize how much of what she constructs is based on lies and deception will be a horrifying realization.

Coke is now her preferred drink. This will placate her soon-to-be relatives in Kansas.

Emma knows that certain things she has been saying are not true. What she is doing is a deception, and she has been using it to manipulate herself and others around her. She is fully possessed of the idea that she can get away with it. There is a satanical arrogance about this. Satan is precisely the archetype that believes that it can twist and bend the structure of reality without paying the price.  One can’t imagine anything that’s more arrogant. Does Emma think that she can continue to twist the structure of reality, such as by disdainfully wearing the holy crucifix, revered by so many, and that her deceptions are going to work out for her without them snapping back?


  1. Emma the star candidate of narcissistic Bernard Grech. Emma a narcissistic woman who like Bernard thinks she is God’s gift to humanity. A terrible sore loser too. How could her constituents be so short sighted not to elect her? I sincerely wish her best of luck in her marriage. May she find joy and peace. Hope she likes America so much that she decides to settle there. Good ridden…..

  2. Whoever wrote this is just the most pathetic little worm in this country. They almost seem jealous of Eric haha.

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