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In the European Union, abortions are allowed during the first trimester, with the Netherlands and Sweden allowing an extended time limit. Malta is proposing abortions for the whole nine months, like certain states in the United States. This will introduce infanticide in the EU. Late in the second, and during the third, trimester, partial-birth abortion (PBA) will be used. PBA is where a doctor partially pulls the living child outside his mother’s body. He then destroys the child either by crushing his skull or by removing his brain by suction. This occurs from the second trimester when dismembering a child becomes more difficult due to the child’s stronger bones and ligaments.

The Malta that ushered in the most progressive gay rights in the EU is about to introduce infanticide as well. This is no surprise since gay rights and abortion frequently go hand in hand for reasons that extend from lesbians being more likely than any other sexual group to experience an unwanted pregnancy and the narcissistic self-love motives underlying the colourful “love without boundaries” street parades. Bearing and raising a child requires altruistic love, not narcissistic self-love.

In order to deflect attention from what’s truly at stake, the Prime Minister recently took us back to the 1960s and the cemetery fable about il-miżbla to create the impression that nothing has changed about Labour and its opponents. Be forewarned, said the Prime Minister, sternly. Forewarned about what? The cemetery is no opera house. At the opera house, your vantage point makes a difference. Seats in the front and mid-centre of the stalls are the best overall seats. At the cemetery, it makes no difference where they stick your corpse or in which direction. They could lower you upside down, or sideways, in the centre or at the very back. Nothing matters. Your corpse rots but your soul has moved on. The Church has never sent anyone to hell. Christ did not give the church any authority over hell. You go to hell by your own free choice. Whatever you do, such as finding a spouse, selecting a car, or watching an internet video, it’s your choice. So is your destiny. Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung arbitrarily killed millions of their own people. I am relieved that Bobby is entrusted with only a small island. He would have fared no better in killing his weakest.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that our Lord warns us that we shall be separated from him if we fail to meet the serious needs of the poor and the little ones who are his brethren. Labour used to take great pride in uplifting the poor and housing them. Now it reserves housing permits in pristine areas for the very rich and very soon will dismember “the little ones” out of their mother’s womb. This is not old Labour. Any President of Malta who took the time to meet the people and witness their afflictions cannot stomach the murdering of their unborn. Old and tested principles defy the murderous new party.

Fearne told us that “abortions save lives.” That’s because he stops counting in front of the unborn child. Just like when he stopped counting when he initially sold the hospitals for one euro. Later, an American healthcare company bought them for millions at his behest, and the initial buyers and their crooked enablers in government pocketed the difference while the taxpayer continued to foot the hospital bills. The business model behind the hospitals is a manifestation of evil corruption. Great profits with no risk of a loss for the entrepreneurs that run the show. Gone is Labour’s fiscal responsibility – nissikkaw iċ-ċinturin — and love for the little ones.

Just when you think it can’t get worse, in comes Daphne Caruana Galizia, the stepmother of the Nationalist Party, wheeled in by her son Matthew. Her old article about the “plastic foetus” has resurfaced. Daphne was a top-notch investigative journalist and an eviscerating hater of anyone who didn’t fit in with her narrow view of humanity. From the newly minted Delia to low-level Labour sympathisers, Caruana Galizia was a merciless bone crusher. There were no shades of grey. Guido Demarco, who represented the worst criminals in court, got a bronze monument in front of the law courts. On the other hand, Adrian Delia, another criminal lawyer, was held accountable by her for his clients’ misdeeds as if they were his own. Now her son, Matthew, comes out, brushes aside the victimhood status, and seeks to honour his mother’s toying with the sacred. She promoted the dismemberment of the innocent in their mothers’ womb before she was dismembered in her car. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and we unequivocally condemn all sorts of killing. She was a bulwark against government corruption, and we are poorer without her. May she rest in peace and intercede for the unborn in front of the Almighty so that they may be spared from state-sponsored violence.

For the grand finale of ideocracy gone wild comes Nadia Delicata, an associate professor at the University of Malta, who started her theological studies in Toronto the week New York’s Twin Towers came crashing down, a portend of things to come. The episcopal delegate for the Catholic Archdiocese of Malta, announced in last year’s Spring issue of the Toronto Journal of Theology, that she has a “new vision for the church” in Malta. Since then, we have been waiting with bated breath. A “new vision” portends messianic dimensions to the task at hand. Then, a few days ago, she wrote off the 20,000 who called upon Valletta, to express their horror at the scraping and dissecting of the unborn, as a “mob”. So much for her claim in the above article that Toronto prepared her for “diversity and openness to intelligent dialogue”. She degraded the crème de la crème of her diocese into a mob. In the same Toronto article, she said that for her “reflections on complex pastoral issues of the Maltese context, [her] inspirational resources are not books”. No kidding. Who reads books these days when we have TikTok? Imagine His Grace asking her about infanticide issues when partial-birth abortion (PBA) is used under the proposed law. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has several theological publications extending into legal and medical chapters dealing with PBA. But Nadia Delicata couldn’t care less about books. Armed with bibliophobia and confidence, Gahan makes her pronouncements ad mundum.

In the same journal, Professor Delicata said that true ecclesiology for her is “fraternity… that has no boundaries”. Yes, we have heard this message before in full colour. Fraternity with no boundaries, in spirit, justice and truth, doesn’t jibe with writing off 20,000 peaceful Maltese as a mob. One final note. His Grace Mgr Charles Scicluna borrowed a Moses costume, complete with two horns of majesty, from Rabat’s Good Friday procession. He walked back up Ta’ Dmejrek, on the Dingli Cliffs, and returned the ten commandment tablets. “She is refusing boundaries,” he murmured with apology.


  1. Thank you for your contribution and your metaphorical usage with a pinch of irony in criticising the institutions high up. I loved reading your article! Well done. I agree with everything you have written.

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