The person whom Martina Caruana handpicked to lead the PN health policy cluster endorsed the Government’s pro-abortion stand

Hermann Farrugia wrote on his Facebook page that the person Martina Caruana, the ex-Presidentessa for Research, hand-picked to replace him as coordinating secretary for the PN Health policy cluster endorsed the current bill proposed by the Government to introduce abortion. Farrugia was referring to Dr. Mark Josef Rapa. It is thanks to individuals like Caruana that the PN is getting nowhere but unfortunately, Caruana is not alone, and those who have led the PN to this pitiable situation are still pulling the same strings. Farrugia’s Facebook post is the following:

NEEDLESS GUESSING the personal background manifest by ‘Academic’ Endorser number 50, completely backing PL-Government’s facilitation of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Bill 28/2022 in 🇲🇹’s H.o.R. As amply well evidenced hereunder, this PL-Government Position endorser was last year directly handpicked by Ex-Presidentessa Rićerka Politika PN in order to summarily replace me as appointed Consultant-Coordinating Secretary for PN’s Electoral PolicyCluster2 which intended to thematically focus on specific ‘Health & Liveability’ issues. Hers had been an arbitrary anti-statute and amoral choice favouring Sexual and Reproductive Health policy which paradoxically advocates for the elimination of the notion of ‘Sexual Promiscuity’ when calculating and establishing UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE as a Risk Indicator and Statistical Determinant in Public Health Strategy“.

Hermann Farrugia also published the email by which Martina Caruana appointed Rapa in his place.

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