Before it was “for your health and safety”. Now it is “for the health and safety of the mother”: they are both two big lies.

By Marica Micallef

Malta Today has come up with a typical stereotypical caption for their article about abortion:

Because now, being pro-abortion means that you are young and progressive, while being anti-abortion means that you are old-fashioned and blinded by religious constraints. This is how the liberals and leftists use manipulative tactics to persuade you that their agendas are sacrosanct and right while trying to make you feel like an outcast and sort of a weirdo, “ta’ wara l-muntanji”.

Being in favour of life, whether of the mother, of the child, of the foetus, or even of small turtles being protected on our bays until they hatch safely, has nothing to do with religion, age, gender, and political partisanship. It is not even a belief or opinion as Robert Abela has decided to label it, discrediting those who attended the protest, whose number does not truly mirror all those who are against abortion, since it is far greater than that!

The minute a nation gave away its power and authority to the government by accepting any mandate that it came up with during the pandemic, a precedent was created whereby the government will abuse such power to stampede on the nation like a bulldozer and come up with laws that the same nation is against. The shift in paradigm is pretty much the same: before it was “for your health and safety”. Now it is “for the health and safety of the mother”. They are both two big lies.

As Soren Kierkegaard, a controversial Danish theologian and philosopher had stated: “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true“. Consequently, It is a pity that all those whose umbilical cord is still stuck to their political party, which is now the government, and who walk around with a walking stick, are being fooled in both ways, but are still defending their political party, at all costs.

At least the public is starting to react and showing that they are not as stupid as politicians and woke journalists think. The comments below, written underneath the article uploaded by Malta Today to chastise the conservatives over the abortion issue confirm that our media is now losing its plot:

2 thoughts on “Before it was “for your health and safety”. Now it is “for the health and safety of the mother”: they are both two big lies.

  1. Like it or not what labour is proposing will become law dear, regardless your blab blab blab. And that will be followed by an even bigger majority comes next election.

    1. I am utterly not interested about elections, and which party wins. At the end of the day, like Joseph de Maistre had said “A country gets the government it deserves”. I am more concerned about the future of Malta, the future of humanity, and the future of the world, which clearly, you are refusing to see yet, through my researched and proven, blab, blab, blab.

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