ISD, a think tank funded by Bill Gates and George Soros, is collaborating with a variety of climate partners to tackle “climate disinformation”.

By Marica Micallef

ISD, for “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” is a very influential think tank funded by “notable” sources none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network, (created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam Omidyar to make philanthropic “impact investments”), the Gen Next Foundation and George Soros’ “The Open Society Foundation”, had published a defamatory hit piece entitled “Climate Disinformation”, asking for anyone who is spreading “climate misinformation” like climate lockdowns, de-platformed.

The paper starts with:

For nearly fifteen years, ISD has been at the forefront of analysing and trialing innovative solutions to the rising tide of extremism, hate, populism, and polarisation. ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit has developed advanced tools and methodologies to monitor and expose the dark influence operations of a range of state and non-state actors seeking to sow division and undermine democratic processes.”[1]

Because speaking the Truth and exposing their agenda has become a menace, termed “misinformation” and thus you risk of being de-platformed, expelled, exiled, silenced.

According to ISD’s research, it has been revealed that disinformation and division are organizing and aligning in unprecedented ways around the world and so, international coordination is being intensified in order to mainstream extreme positions and undermine, distort, and co-opt public opinion.

Thus, the majority of global efforts to research and combat disinformation on a large scale tend to focus on protecting elections from foreign state interference. ISD stated that it is aware that bad actors have consistently attacked efforts to address some of the most pressing transnational challenges of our time, including climate change, migration, human rights, and sexual and reproductive health. These threats include government-sponsored entities, organized hate and extremist groups, and corporate lobbies attempting to influence public opinion and shape domestic and multilateral policy agendas.

Manipulation of the information space, if left unchecked, poses a systemic threat to democratic dialogue, and may well derail the action that is so desperately needed in these issue areas.

Thus, ISD is developing cutting-edge tools for audiences in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in collaboration with CASM, LSE Arena, and a variety of climate partners including the European Climate Foundation, Greenpeace UnEarthed, and DeSmog,  to combat malicious influence campaigns, disinformation, and broader anti-climate efforts, the sector requires detailed and ongoing data from the digital space, which has been sorely lacking thus far.

Their goal is to create a data collection and analysis system that will aid key stakeholders in their climate advocacy, public education, policymaking, and strategic communications; provide real-time trend analysis on anti-climate narratives and influencer networks, especially in the run-up to major events (e.g. COP26, national elections) and develop and implement strategies to expose, disrupt, and mitigate coordinated climate influence campaigns.

How about tackling the mainstream media and all those organisations involved in fabricating the climate change hoax and all those who are not only modifying the weather, but also those who are allowing it, whereby the permission to have the airspace sprayed over their loyal subjects is granted, with the governments taking orders down to the last fart?


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