The importance of maintaining high expectations in schools and positive relationships

By an educator.

It is essential that high expectations are in place in schools.  This should be both for behaviour and also for academic work.  The aim of all school leaders should be that students take responsibility for their learning and are held to account for their behaviour.  It is through such a way of praising the students’ efforts that we can have responsible citizens in the future.

It is a well-known fact that children have to build resilience.  It is useless to pander to every child’s whim when life as a grown-up is very different.  Some students tend to wallow in self-pity, stating that they come from a disadvantaged background or because they are orphans.  Children have to be taught that when the going gets hard, and maybe one falls, one has to get up and move on in life. That is why resilience is essential.  What is more important is that educators have to instil high expectations in their students.  This does a world of good, both physically and psychologically.

When one continually mentions the high expectations that one has of the students, the student’s self-esteem is automatically boosted.  Consequently, the students become more confident in themselves.  Students should be encouraged to persevere and do their work to the best of their capabilities.  Students should be given opportunities to contribute.  When students learn in an environment of which they feel to be a part of, and which gives them a chance to voice their opinions, students learn better.  Knowing the students individually and giving them individual feedback has been known to help the students to improve.

But the crux remains that students need a high level of support to be able to reach their potential. One way how this can be done is to have positive relationships with adults.

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