Dr Suzanne Humphries questions traditional vaccines and explains how there has never been a safe vaccine – part 3.

By Marica Micallef

“When you are bypassing the normal immune system by putting this disease matter inside a muscle, you are stimulating another response, at the sight of the injection, putting in all sorts of metals and things that call in the immune cells in a very unnatural way, and the result that these manufacturers and these designers of these vaccine look for, is simply an anti-body which is one small thing in the cascade of immunity which is so incredibly elegant. They probably cannot appreciate and obviously don’t appreciate if calling a simple antibody which is highly unpredictable immunity is insanity. Why must such a wonderful product be forced upon people if it’s the beginning of vaccination? If people were really seeing each other dropping dead from smallpox and were really seeing each other being saved from smallpox vaccines, the line would be out of town to get it. That’s never been the case. The history books really show that the people that were vaccinated were among the sickest, that children were dying after the smallpox vaccinations, beautiful, perfect babies forced into smallpox vaccines, either dying or develop terrible diseases and the disease experts always say, ‘That would have happened anyway’. Parents who watched this happen time and again, know otherwise.

Those of us who actually notice the science is not backing up vaccination; those of us who notice that people are being maimed and killed by vaccinations; those of us who have experienced our own vaccine reactions, are categorically thought to be mad, despite the fact that we’ve actually studied it. None of my colleagues in the past studied vaccines. Yet, they still would think that the sound bites that they heard over and over and over, over the years about vaccines being safe and effective, trumped; any book knowledge that I may have attained and tried to discuss with them, is baffling. It’s like the minds have been sucked into this paradigm so deeply and it’s not just the minds of these doctors but it’s the safety net and it’s the comfort zone and it’s the rewards that they are getting as a result of all their doings and the rewards are not watching people getting healthy. The rewards are monetary and power – that’s it. It’s money and it’s power.

I think the reason why so many people don’t trust their own immune system is because they’ve been conditioned to not trust it. They were never given the opportunity to actually get sick and recover without an allopathic intervention, and because when they do get sick, they’re given ibuprofen, antibiotics, anti-virals, and guess what? When you put these things into somebody who’s sick you make them sicker. But the person who’s sick may think that the illness they have got worse. They’re not going to think that the drugs that they took  – I can’t convince people that the drugs that they’ve taken made them sicker. It’s very difficult because of the belief system that people have and what’s on the shelves in the store and what’s being advertised on television, helping them with the beautiful pictures of healthy people that are used in these ads. And then you have a doctor standing there with a degree, who’s gone through all this training and education saying “Your own immune system is not strong enough to fight this”. That’s because the doctor doesn’t know how to take care of the immune system. Doctors were never taught in the medical school how to take care of the immune system. So what you end up with is a whole society from start to finish that doesn’t know how the immune system works, that doesn’t know how to take care of it, that doesn’t know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed; that doesn’t know to ingest themselves with a diet that would support it and then when it fails, it’s God’s fault, so we need vaccines.

You know, it just wasn’t designed properly, or these infections have got so much worse that our immune system can’t fight them. I don’t believe that’s true. I don’t believe that a healthy system, that’s detoxified, and has a tuned immune system can’t handle just a lot anything that comes along.”

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