“The Blood of Jesus will not save you from Covid…”: the story of a controversial banner set up by a protestant pastor.

By Marica Micallef

Covid-19 had always nothing to do about health. As I had stated all along, there are ulterior, sinister motives behind it, which are far worse than the alleged covid virus.

Covid-19 is also a spiritual war. It is a war between the light and the darkness, goodness and evil. It is also a war between the subconscious and the conscious, between undoing the indoctrination from the subconscious which then surfaces to the conscious so that then we eliminate as much as possible of the “system” from our own personal life.

And during Covid-19 and even up till now, we have seen people challenging the narrative and the counter-narratives, thus serving as a mouthpiece of the light to lead others towards the light.

And then, we have the false prophets, whose spirits are not from God and who are from the world, therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. We must beware false prophets, who come to us in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matthew 7:15).

This was the case with Reverend Alan Storey.[1]

Back in October 2021, in an interview with Cape Talk, this Reverend from Cape Town slammed South African politicians and faith-based organizations for using religious rhetoric to oppose vaccination while also considering ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe’s statement equating mandatory vaccination to “medical rape” and the Jacob Zuma Foundation’s statement that “God’s atmosphere will ensure that coronavirus is blown away” before an event celebrating the former president’s parole release – to be highly irresponsible.

This is why the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town has unveiled a banner on Greenmarket Square that reads, “The blood of Jesus will not save you from Covid. Get vaccinated. Protect our health workers.

Storey saw the refusal to receive life-saving vaccines as a sign of folly, not faithfulness.

He stated:

(The banner) celebrates that vaccinations are to be seen as a gift from God that actually saves lives and brings life… We should be thanking God and every person that has enabled this (Covid-19 vaccine) to happen.

Vaccination is safe and effective. It has been proven over and over that vaccination reduces infection, hospitalisation and death.

Some Christian pastors have promoted Holy Communion as ‘covid medicine.’ Others have stated that ‘Jesus is my vaccine,’ securing immunity from Covid. Others have said, because of the ‘blood of Jesus, Covid will ‘pass over’ without touching me or my family.

This religious pressure can tip a person over from vaccine hesitancy to anti-vaccination.

Storey told GroundUp: “Every single major religion and denomination is pro-vaccinations. Vaccines are safe and effective – they save lives, they reduce spreading, they reduce hospitalisation.

But there are individuals who are offering a false binary that it’s either faith in God or faith in the vaccine…That logic is quite difficult to counteract, because…it comes across to the people who are holding it that you are persecuting them, which then emboldens them even more.

That’s why it’s so crucial for religious organisations like the church to be the one to counteract this false message…

We should be thanking God for the vaccine and everyone that has made it possible. Vaccines are used by God to bring life.

I did not know that churches are organisations. As far as I know, Christ had described the temple as the home of prayer.

[1] https://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/health/reverends-vaccine-fightback-the-blood-of-jesus-will-not-save-you-from-covid-7a8f6c12-e6fb-450e-b134-3a2bdc7fd24d

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    1. Ghaziz sur Gerada, jiena nikteb fuq hafna suggetti varji li jidhlu f’hafna setturi differenti li pero’ relatati mal-motiv ta’ wara l-pandemija u l-Covid hu wiehed minnhom, jigifieri r-risposta ghall-mistoqsija tieghek tigi wahedha. Nahseb jekk taqra kull blog li nikteb, tinduna. Barra minn hekk, jekk forsi ma ndunajtx, dan il-blog mhuwiex fuq il-Covid imma t-tema krucjali hija ohra u dan il-blog jorbot ma’ blogs ohrajn li gew ippubblikati ftit jiem ilu – forsi ghadek mintix qed taghmel il-konnessjoni?? U jekk jirnexxielek taghmel il-konnessjoni, tinduna li kull blog tieghi mhuwiex biss informattiv, imma kull wiehed ghandu funzjoni differenti minn iehor. Il-fissazzjoni fuq il-Covid qatt ma kienet tieghi imma kienet ta’ dawk li belghu s-sunnara mill-bidu nett. Barra minn hekk, jiena qieghda hawn naghti wkoll kontribut fl-istorja ta’ din il-pandemija, x’hemm warajha u x’inhu gej ghall-umanita’ jekk mahniex ha nnehhu t-terha minn m’ghajnejna. Nahseb li tajtek twegiba xierqa, hux hekk?

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