MUT double standards

By Marica Micallef

In its quest to keep on pushing the agenda of the woke, the mainstream media continued to lie about Fr. Aaron Zahra and his activities at St Albert College. It is more than obvious that the mainstream media journalists of The Times and Malta Today are in their pockets and in cahoots with the Repubblichini of Robert Aquilina and the M.U.T.

The statement uttered by MUT was not only turned down by Fr Zahra but also by the Commissioner of Police. It is inconceivable to see a Union standing for one member while at the same time, damaging a whole school. Shouldn’t it represent in a fair way, all members, all schools, all teachers, and all students? Isn’t the MUT damaging St Albert the Great College by its approach and double standards? Is it aware of the repercussions that its insane actions are having on the staff, parents, and most importantly the students of St Albert’s College?  The MUT should be ashamed of itself, especially since it is clear, that there are ulterior motives behind its actions. I have never witnessed MUT so vociferous. So, something is up.

What I wish to add to this story is that the president of MUT, Marco Bonnici is not a fair person for the simple reason that he is mounting a big campaign in favour of Mallia, the former headmaster because he was fired from his position. However, when I was fired from my job as a Senior Lecturer I from Mcast, a job which I gained with my effort after successfully passing the interview and being chosen among a good number of candidates, with 15 years of teaching experience and loads of qualifications and degrees in my baggage, he, that is Mr. Bonnici, did not adopt the same attitude that he has adopted in Mallia’s case.

Lecturing at Mcast was a dream job and I had thought that I had reached a pivotal point in my career. It was a dream come true – because I thought that now I could solidify my roots and even start the road for a Ph.D.  It was not meant to be. Before I was fired from Mcast, I had reached out to MUT about what was going on in my regard from one of my directors and his principal, and after giving me advice, MUT promised to back me up in case something happened. But it was a frivolous promise as it never took up my case or organized any demonstration to defend me.  I hired a lawyer and took my case to the Ombudsman’s office.  A few months later, the director and principal involved were demoted and after, the director resigned.  When the world does not give you justice, karma does. God does.

And only God knows how many other teachers were given the same treatment and who were left undefended, to fight for their plea with their silent, unheard voices. Most probably, some, like me, ended up unemployed or seeking their fate elsewhere.

And what I can add is that when before, as a teacher, I felt a crisis coming in the teaching sector and talked to MUT about it, but everything I said fell on deaf ears.  This crisis is the product of many reasons, among which one is the installation of co-ordinators, heads of departments, education officers, and heads of schools who are either politically appointed or where the ego-trip of some together with the quest for power, destroy teachers’ mental well-being because their modus operandi is “divide and rule” and highly incompetent.

MUT is an inoperative, unavailing, purposeless union that turns operative, availing, and purposeful as and when it pleases.  It is an empty vessel that makes the most sound when it should not be making sounds.

It is clearly a union of two ways and two measures.

One thought on “MUT double standards

  1. Woke in its indoctrination, the MUT is slandering an entire Catholic college in the process. It was Mallia who brought his personal problems to his employer and not the other way round. It wasn’t the College that made him adopt an unacceptable position. It was him who unilaterally foisted his twisted agenda on the innocent students and their beloved College. Incidentally, its name isn’t St Albert College. Instead it’s St Albert the Great College. It’s great for a reason, a bastion against the encroachment of evilness. The College makes us proud and grateful.

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