The Sunday Times became so woke that its editor expects an army person not to be “keen on guns”!

From a reader of this blog.

Last Sunday, the Times editorial was about Robert Brincau. Brincau is in the news for having pointed a firearm, belonging to the prison authorities in public against an unarmed citizen. For some reason or another, the editor wanted to refer, in this editorial, to Alex Dalli, who has nothing to do with Brincau’s case except that Dalli had held the position of Director of Prisons. For this reason, the editor wanted to make comparisons and analogies between the stories of the two directors even if there are miles apart. As the saying goes, comparisons are odious. This is something that the editor of the Sunday Times seems to forget.

It is clear that the editor of The Sunday Times always wants to appear cool. In truth, he is being woke. If it is not Covid, then he seeks to create another pandemic. In fact, another pandemic has now hit the local media to the extent that the editor is only capable of repeating the same nonsense that he said during the fake Covid pandemic without bothering or having the decency to update his narrative to reflect the progress or regress that meanwhile has taken place on all these subjects here.  The way the Sunday Times editor speaks and refers to Alex Dalli is reminiscent of the same language that he used for the Covid pandemic and Yorgen Fenech’s case. Incidentally, the narrative that is used for Yorgen Fenech is also similar to that used by the Times for the fake Covic pandemic.

Clearly, this is being done solely so that journalists stick to their own non-independent agenda in the hope of achieving their own lurid scope not scoop. Having shamelessly once again aired their now long-superseded script, journalists with the Times need to change their act and face reality and not Repubblika’s agenda. 

Let me return to the editorial of last Sunday. I am only going to give one example. In this editorial, it is stated that “Evidently Camilleri [the Minister] still trusted Alex Dalli. who, it must be recalled, also faced allegations of being ‘keen’ on guns.”   What does the Times editor here wish to imply? It appears from this article that an army man/woman, particularly a career officer, should abhor guns.  If a career officer is genuinely not ‘keen’ on guns, then he or she is a “useless” officer and should have been dismissed long ago, well before he or she was ever considered to head Corradino prison, which is not the case here. 

Therefore, what this newspaper is attempting to do is to carry on sullying the career of one man under the guise of criticising another prison director who has actually been caught on camera pointing a gun at another individual in a public area because he lost his cool and this case is now sub judice.  Incidentally, the editor of the Times should know that the police investigated all the allegations made against Alex Dalli and concluded that they were false to the extent that no criminal action was taken against him.

What is abundantly clear from this article is not what Dalli or Brincau have done or not done, but the disgraceful manner that journalists together with our Government and our law gurus interpret every case to suit their own narrative.  Over the past five years, we have seen nothing but hanky-panky which has only led to even more hanky-panky that has only led to compounding Malta’s problems without resolving an iota of the island’s headaches.

Two weights and two measures have repeatedly been adopted to date that has only gone to muddy the waters. It is time to put an end to all this pussyfooting. 

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