Can our government explain why the Identity Cards issued from 2021 onwards come with a QR code?

By Marica Micallef

Considering that the European Digital Identity, which has been in development since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, combines various aspects of personal identifiers such as birth certificates, medical documents, bank accounts, tax returns, education status, and prescriptions…

Considering that Greece has launched the Wallet where citizens’ IDs will carry their identifying QRcode, which can confirm when officials ask for each and then scan it…

Considering that this QR code is popping up in many contexts in Malta like the below charging point:

Can the Maltese government explain to the nation why the Identity Cards being issued from 2021 onwards, have this QR code, which wasn’t there before?

For the sake of the Data Protection Act, I am putting a cropped photo of the Identity Card received, but I was shown many others issued in 2021 which have this code:

Since the QR code is meant for products and not for people, but now it has appeared on our identification documents, can our government explain further why things on this island are done in incognito mode and if it is thinking of using our QR-coded Identity Cards for this sinister agenda of control and enslavement?

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