Russia mobilizes for War – not with Ukraine – but with the West.

By Romegas

It is not a coincidence that Russia announced that referendums will be held in the ‘liberated territories in Ukraine enabling them to seek union with Russian Federation will be held next week and that Russia in turn will commence partial mobilization of its armed forces just after the Shangai Cooperation Organisation summit held in Samarkand last week.

It is clear – that in that summit, Russia has convinced its ‘partners’ – most notably China, India, and Turkey, of its case and has received if not their blessing then at least their understanding that Russian actions are inevitable because of the circumstances. Outwardly these nations will voice their ‘apprehension’ – but it is obvious, that behind closed doors matters have already been decided otherwise it is extremely doubtful that without this backing the Russians would have announced these referendums at all.

It is no coincidence either – that while the SCO summit was going on, the head of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev – was meeting his counterparts in Beijing to discuss closer military integration between the two nations.

We are in effect in the anti-chamber of World War III – events are already in motion. Our EU and US leaders may claim that we are not at war with Russia but we are – it matters not what we think – this is how our actions have been perceived and as the Russian president makes clear to his public – his nation is now at war with the ‘combined west + NATO’ – a point reiterated by the defense minister. (Both videos below with English subtitles).

God forbid, if our woke leaders think that Putin or Russia (Putin does not rule Russia alone or indeed against the will of the public) are bluffing – for rest assured that unlike the bullshitters that rule us they are not.

Russia has had it with the West – it considers it as the patronizing, arrogant, and hegemonic entity that is:

  1. Untrustworthy (failing to abide by agreements it has signed – Iran nuclear deal, Minsk I & II etc)
  2. Having a bark way bigger than its bite
  3. Degenerate  and decaying – viewed rightfully in my opinion more concerned with transgenderism, same-sex marriages, and abortion than defending its culture and civilization
  4. A hindrance to Russia’s sovereignty and development

We have now crossed a threshold, howls of outrage and more silly sanctions will no longer cut it – because Russia no longer cares. It has watched the west play the mute during the last 8 years while the democratically elected President of Ukraine was forced from office (with the active backing of UK and US officials) and while Ukraine subsequently killed thousands of men, women, and children in the Donbas. The west was quite clear–it did not care. Russia tried to defuse the matter diplomatically  – it got nowhere – now it will speak to us in the only language we understand – force in all its forms – and by God will we feel it.

The coming war will be fought – indeed it already started, on three fronts:

  1. Kinetic – actual shooting
  2. Economic
  3. Diplomatic

On all three fronts bar some divine intervention (which won’t happen – given that also God is now probably also so disgusted with our woke and progressive ways) we have already lost before the battle has even started.

  1. Kinetic – we do NOT HAVE the means to counter Russia militarily – not only is it the supreme nuclear power that has nuclear weaponry way far advanced than anything that we possess (and air defense systems which dwarf our own) – but not even conventionally – between Russia and China – the mobilization potential is practically in the tens of millions – what are we going to fight back with? – even if we had to deal solely with conventional warfare – our pensioners? Our Pride Parades? Our masses of immigrants?  – my guess is that the latter will be the first to rise up when the economic hardship hits home.
  2. Economic – We have already lost this war – and they can make the damage much more severe than it already is – Russia provides the resources that we need – and China all the consumables. We think we’re special but the west is only 1/7th of the world’s population and diminishing given that we have chosen a culture of death– in their eyes, we are no longer relevant and they are right.
  3. Diplomatic – Russia and China are building an alternative international order to the UN – which is no longer functional – this is what the SCO is all about – it already represents within it more than half the world’s population and is attracting ever more interest – Iran just joined, Belorussia is joining – Turkey wants to join as are – you are hearing it first – European countries – How many of you have heard that Hungary has sent a mega delegation to the summit? Why did it do so? For fun? – we are witnessing seismic changes where the center of gravity is shifting away from us and there’s nothing we can do about it – we do not have the resources, the demographics, the will, and most importantly the means to stop it. For all the rhetoric spouted by the likes of Scholz, Macron, Van der Leyden or the senile Biden  – the world is actually moving on to a new configuration and couldn’t care less what we think – indeed most are looking forward to this paradigm shift.

Unfortunately, for our country – we have decided to do away with the neutrality and independence that the likes of Mintoff saw as a strategic necessity and have now thrown our lot with a decaying center of power – a lilliput imposing sanctions on geopolitical giants. Because of this, we have already been labeled as an ‘unfriendly state’, with all the consequences that will entail.

They have told us we are living ‘L-Aqwa Zmien’ – but no one told us how long that would last. Prepare, because they are fools and you would have to be a greater fool to believe them. Like it or not, we are in for a period of austerity, that few that are still living have witnessed before.

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