German breweries to halt production due to soaring gas prices

By Romegas

After Europe’s fertilizer and metallurgical plants have already gone silent, it is the Brewers and beverage industries who are now on the verge of closing down.

The Financial Times reports that German breweries are cutting production due to carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages triggered by rising gas prices.

More and more of the companies in the beverage industry that depend on the availability of CO₂ are having to significantly reduce their production or stop it altogether,” Holger Eichele, head of the German brewers’ association, told the Financial Times. “For many of the companies affected, this has dramatic consequences.

According to the publication, the shortage of carbon dioxide, a by-product of ammonia production, is caused by a reduction in fertilizer production due to rising gas prices. Thus, the price per tonne of CO2 increased from €100 to €3,500 over the year.

The German brewers’ association, along with trade bodies representing makers of fruit juice, mineral water and wholesale beverages, published a joint statement on Friday warning that “without rapid government intervention and without effective aid, hundreds of companies and thousands of employees will lose their livelihoods in the German beverage industry”.

Earlier, on September 15, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany would overcome the difficulties associated with rising energy prices and survive the winter.

Meanwhile, Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck has in a tv interview redefined bankruptcy – you really need to see it to understand the level of utter incompetence and pathological lying that has led Europe to its knees:

These people shouldn’t be allowed to supervise a public urinal let alone run an economy.

There’s a price to pay for routinely voting the likes Scholz and Habeck to power, and that price is going to be extremely high.

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  1. One other question for this is also, Does Germany has in stock or security of supply of wheat to be used for some of it’s beer, Hefeweizen, which is very popular in Germany, instead from being saved for bread production for the coming Winter? The Ukraine -Russo war has still effected the production and supply of wheat, notwithstanding Ukraine’s effort to meet it usual yearly tonnage of wheat supply. All this counts not just to Germany, but to all other European Nations.

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