The little Fascists in the EU declare Hungary an ‘electoral autocracy’.

By Romegas

Europe’s Potemkin parliament has declared that Hungary can no longer be considered a democracy and that so-called European values are under systemic threat in the country.

Please recall, that in the last Hungarian democratic elections, held earlier this year, Fidesz, the ruling party obtained one of the best democratic mandates of any ruling party in Europe – 54.13% of the popular vote in a turnout of just over 70%, This was in fact the highest vote share by any party since the fall of communism in 1989 in the country and this in spite of shameless intervention by the EU itself and Soros funded ‘NGOs’ to influence the Hungarian electorate.

In a vindictive move to punish Hungarian voters, just two days after the election, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, who found herself heading the distinctly undemocratic EU Commission without any popular mandate or accountability, announced that the Commission would begin cutting funding to Hungary over ‘rule-of-law concerns‘.

In the EU, The people can vote for a government, but if Brussels doesn’t like the outcome, it’s not democratic. Hungary is now formally an ‘electoral autocracy’ – an Orwellian term surely if ever there was one.

The irony which is totally lost here on these infantile MEPs is that it is the EU itself that was designed from its inception to be non-democratic – For starters, the EU does not have a demos – its citizenship being bestowed on the citizens of member states without their consent thanks to a constitution that was rejected several times by the voting public wherever it had been put to a referendum until it was rebranded and adopted piecemeal as the Lisbon treaty. And even in this guise, Ireland which was constitutionally bound to hold a referendum had to vote twice in short order to deliver the right answer.

In the aftermath of WWI (and not WWII as the officially mandated myth states), when Jean Monnet and Sir Arthur Salter (the true architect of the EU),  were busy plotting which model to adopt as a framework for the supranational ‘Common Market’, later rebranded as the European Economic Community (and later still the EU) – they very deliberately opted for an anti-democratic model for it was their well-founded fear, that their ‘project’ would never get off the ground if the public was in any way involved or indeed consulted. Their choice of a customs union, as opposed to simply a common market, was likewise deliberate – it was based on the German Zollverein by which Prussia brought about the unification of Germany, for you did not need a political center to implement a common market but you couldn’t implement a customs union without one.

The very essence of the “project” was and remains to achieve political integration through economic means. This is known as the so-called “Monnet method”, which recognised that the “peoples of Europe” would not accept the overt imposition of a unified European government. Therefore, the process had to be carried out step-by-step, each step leading to another in a mechanism which came to be called by Monnet himself as engrenage.

During those decades the institutions which lie at the heart of the ‘project’ have steadily extended their powers, to such an extent that, just as those who set them up dreamed might one day happen, they are in effect a ‘government for Europe’ in all but name. It has been described very accurately in my view as a slow-motion coup d’etat.

Today’s European Union now has almost all the attributes of a fully-fledged state – its own flag, anthem, and passport, its own ‘citizenship’ and currency, its own vast body of laws, governing almost every area of life. All these powers have flowed one way – from the member states to the commission, never to be returned  – most member states despite maintaining their charade of having a ‘parliament’ in effect now cannot have their own independent monetary or foreign policy or indeed even their own courts since they are subservient to European ‘case law’ and bodies such as the ECHR, and all this has happened without the involvement or democratic mandate of Europe’s populations who naively believe they still retain full sovereignty when in effect they have become nothing but vassal states ruled by European approved governors.

The EU commission meets in secret, it is accountable to no one – it does not even publish its deliberations –  it’s members are not elected but appointed. The European Parliament has no power to legislate, it only has the power to ‘recommend’ or to send a regulation back for consideration. After reconsideration, the EU is still free to impose its will with no possibility of democratic redress or accountability. The Parliament is simply there for show – to give the impression that this totalitarian state is somehow democratic and to buy the allegiance of ‘MEPs’ from member states with their exuberant salaries and perks.

This is but a brief summary, we can spend days discussing detail – but I won’t – I’ll just ask you: Were you consulted about the decisions to impose sanctions on Russia? Hell did even your own parliament debate the matter? We are talking here about the possible self-inflicted collapse of Industry and mass layoff across Europe. If not – why not? Were you consulted about whether you should reduce your energy consumption by 10 to 15%? Has your parliament debated it? Indeed have you ever been consulted about anything decided by the Commission in your name? Any law or regulation to which you are now subject and for which you and your offspring will pay the ultimate price?

Of course not.

The real struggle with Hungary is precisely this – Hungary cannot have an independent voice, it cannot be allowed to act in its own national interest – such as that of not committing economic suicide, or being subsumed by hordes of immigrants – for if it did assert what remains of its sovereignty it would threaten the very ethos and purpose of the EU.

As for the European values, that the EU accuses Hungary of breeching  – what are they exactly? In the report issued by the European ‘Parliament,’ there is a lengthy reprimand of the Hungarian government for rejecting gender ideology instruction for children. In fact, in Hungary, thanks to a democratic referendum held on the same day of the election the intention was explicitly to give back decisions on the sexual education of minors solely to the hands of parents. But you see in the eyes of the ever-more totalitarian EU even such a fundamental concept is alien and must be suppressed whether the voters want it or not.

To conclude, the EU is an artificial construct – the ‘project’ of the European elite – it was always designed to be anti-democratic and adopted processes that ensured it would move ahead irrespective of what the people of Europe think. Like all artificial constructs particularly those born out of hubris and arrogance, the EU will die – for at its core – it has always had an insurmountable problem – that of having a true demos.

This crop of MEPs, with their arrogant actions, are just making sure that it will die sooner rather than later.

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