Although unable to make a correlation, the media also blames climate change for vaccine-induced heart diseases and heart attacks.

By Marica Micallef

The mainstream media news has turned into nothing but scripted news to fit whatever agenda needs to be created in order to keep and distract people from the truth. It is also guilty of making people swallow any lie given and making them gullible to the Globalist nonsense.

What strikes me most is that the media continues to turn a blind eye because they refuse to bite the hand that feeds them. While their complicit silence is deafening, they do not blink an eye to come up with more nonsense articles.

After the series of articles by various media outlets about “everything can give you a heart attack except the clot shot”, ABC reported that “Rise in heart disease may be explained by extreme weather conditions: study[1]. Because now they want to blame climate change, in order to prepare nations that unless they take action, this climate change will kill many, and thus, the WHO would need to declare another emergency, this time “the climate change emergency”.

What’s ironic is the subheading of this same article which reads: “It’s not clear why temperature shifts correlated with more heart attacks.” So, this media’s heading states one thing, but its subheading states the opposite! How can one drive the people to the truth with such inconsistency and going around in circles? Of course, it is not clear! There is no correlation. The correlation right now must only be made with the Covid-19 vaccines and boosters.

ABC quotes a study published in Lancet in 2020. Of course, they quote a 2020 study, pre-vaccine roll-out, so that they make sure that people do not make the correlation. But the truth is, that the fact that they are publishing this article now, reflects the rise in heart diseases and heart attacks that the world is facing now, due to the covid-19 vaccines, and that ABC is instead, blaming climate change in order to fuel the climate change agenda!

This study found out that 62% of deaths attributed to climate change were from cardiovascular disease. Still, based on the evidence at hand, “experts” believe it’s challenging to directly link specific heart attacks to heat waves. So why is climate change being blamed?

What is interesting in this article is the fact that according to a study published at the beginning of August of this year in the journal Nature Cardiovascular Research[2], it was found that medications used to treat heart disease may work differently during heat waves, thus bringing about higher rates of heart attacks on days with record heat waves.

This leads me to conclude three things.

Firstly, that then it is not climate change to be blamed, as the mainstream media wants us to believe, but it is the medication used for heart disease. Hence, it would have been more apt to blame Big Pharma.

Secondly, since we are witnessing the rise of vaccine-induced heart disease in vaccinated citizens, who will then be put on medication, could it be that this medication, is working hand in hand with the vaccine to bring forth a rise in heart attacks?

Third. Or is it all a conjuring of these cherry-picked studies by the mainstream media published as a distraction for nations from “everything can give you a heart attack, except the clot shot”?



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