We have turned ourselves into self-proclaimed slaves the minute the majority allowed the government to impose restrictions on our lives during Covid-19, denying freedom to the rest who objected.

By Marica Micallef

On the 28th of July, the Times of Malta and other local media portals reported that Bolt food couriers were going to strike “over issues with earnings and their working conditions.[1]

Two days later TOM gave an update, saying that several Bolt food couriers opened up about “the shocking working conditions” which they likened to “slavery[2] because they are only paid €2.10 per delivery, with only managing to make around 10 deliveries per day, while working 11-hour long days.

Firstly, while I am totally against low wages and the precariat, I would like to ask if these workers knew about the working conditions before they were accepted. If they knew, and they accepted and signed a contract, then it is useless whining about it. On the other hand, if they were tricked into it, it is something else.

On the other hand, they said that they get paid €2.10 per delivery. Let’s say they make 3 deliveries in an hour; this already amounts to €6.30 an hour. Now, this still does not equate with a good hourly rate, but we must keep in mind that there are many other workers, some of whom are Maltese, who are being paid at €5 an hour or less in other sectors, with the blessing of the employer and the government!

Thirdly, if those who order a take-out, keep on ordering and using such drivers, then they are complicit in this abuse of power. It is very clear that this trend of Bolt and other couriers has taken up speed during Covid-19’s imposed lockdowns. This has turned into a comfortable commodity for many, who kept on ordering take-outs even when lockdowns were lifted because we have come to want everything at our doorstep. We cannot feel angry about what these food couriers were complaining about, and then we fuel the context ourselves. If we want to bring a change, we must act.

The below comments show a different scenario from what Bolt drivers and TOM portrayed:

In conclusion, I would like to tell all those who felt enraged about all this, to start truly understanding that they are also part of this modern slavery but they do not know. We are all modern slaves. How?

We are slaves when we have to get and pay a loan, for most of our lives, to just own a simple, living space.

We are slaves when we must give away half [if not more] of our monthly income to the bank in order to pay for a property until we almost die.

We are slaves when we get comfortable and accepting of the eat-work-sleep rotating and robotic cycle, and rejoice with that annual holiday.

We are slaves because we were made to believe that studying hard, getting a decent job, and working hard, will get us to places, and reward us with a decent life. Instead, we get to face a peanut salary, while learning that only a few can climb the social ladder because of the “friends of friends”.

We are slaves because we are losing more than half of our income to taxes and inflation, which are being stolen by an unaccountable, unelected entity that monitors our every move, has the power to imprison us at any time and tries to force experimental medical procedures on us.

We are slaves because the banks ensure we stay in debt; the pharmaceutical companies ensure we get and stay sick; the media ensures we are prevented from knowing the truth and the governments ensure all of this is done legally.

We have turned ourselves into self-proclaimed slaves when we became accepting of everything.

We have turned ourselves into self-proclaimed slaves the minute the majority allowed the government to impose restrictions on our lives during Covid-19, denying freedom to the rest who objected.

We have turned ourselves into self-proclaimed slaves the minute we accepted to take the Covid-19 vaccine, in order to be able to fly, dine, and work.

And since “slavery and freedom cannot exist together”[Ernestine Rose], if we want to taste true freedom, then we must diligently come together to stop this catastrophe.

[1] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/bold-food-couriers-strike-friday-sunday.971153

[2] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/2-per-delivery-it-s-slavery.971471

2 thoughts on “We have turned ourselves into self-proclaimed slaves the minute the majority allowed the government to impose restrictions on our lives during Covid-19, denying freedom to the rest who objected.

  1. After reading that we are all slaves because of having to pay loans and mortgages, work every day, study hard, and take medicine, I concluded that many illegal immigrants were truly free in their own countries. They had no banks, medical entities, or employers to contend with. Shame on us for taking them into our enslaving society. Send them back since “slavery and freedom cannot exist together.” Or perhaps, we should go and live in their homes and have a good time with their families. The grass is always greener on the other side.

  2. Everything in this report reflects the factual truth which mainly upper , middle or lower class workers ( public servants or private workers or businesses owners ) haven’t got the gut to admit it.
    The last sentence says it all .
    First of all wake up , and that is the first and a better step to be done . Secondly stand with all of us that stood up from the beginning for human rights and freedom since the beginning of this Plandemic, where our Politicians colluded with foreign corporations and private organizations like WEF and WHO ti enslave every human from this planet who’s not from their clan.
    Anyone has to understand that the three levels of Delegation which is in the Oath sworn of every public servants starting with the President of the Country is to “Serve” .
    Governments only have the duty to Govern by Consent.
    Therefore anyone has to understand that above everything is God and under God is the People . Under the People is the government that serves the wellbeing and welfare of the people , and never vice versa
    The facts are showing that people do not know that. People are being lied, manipulated , mistreated, and enslaved by those that they sworn allegiance to the Country therefore to serve the People .
    And while they rip big wages and high fringe benefits , they robbed their own people and carry on doing so .
    Therefore the article narrative mention only a small part of the truth .
    Again the Official representatives and Government public servants have to wake up also and understand that they are the real perpetrators and organized crime when they oppress and behave like Dictators .

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