German Foreign minister states that she does not care what her voters think, while her government plans to deploy army on the streets come Oct 1.

By Romegas

For more than 70 years, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany has prevented the country’s national military from deploying on German soil or even assisting the nation’s police forces. The purpose of this portion of the Basic Law is to separate Germany’s federal forces from its domestic security agencies. This law was created following the 1930s and World War II when Adolf Hitler combined Germany’s federal and domestic security forces and brandished the supreme force with deadly effects.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has underlined the need to align the leadership organization of the armed forces more closely with the requirements of national and alliance defense,” Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and Inspector General of the German Army (Bundeswehr) Eberhard Zorn wrote in a joint Order of the Day issued on June 13.

To this end, we have decided to set up a ‘Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr (TerrFüKdoBw)’ in Berlin on 1 October 2022.

Henceforth, the document stated, “The command is directly subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defence and is not part of an organizational area.” It also said, “Among other things, the state commands, the homeland security forces and the Center for Civil-Military Cooperation are subordinated to the command.

According to German website DDB news, citing a memo by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, civil-military cooperation is described as follows:

Civil-military cooperation is understood to mean the interaction of civilian and military forces in all conceivable areas. It is also firmly anchored in civil protection and is the basis for the Bundeswehr being an important building block in the Bavarian aid system.

What the military’s tasks will entail can only be speculated. Still, the timing just happens to coincide with the renewal of mask mandates in public spaces and the possibility of extending the order outdoors if the circumstances demand. However, since members of German State Security have already stated that an insurrection could be expected over “gas shortages, energy problems, supply difficulties, possible recession, unemployment, but also the growing poverty right up to the middle class, “we’re likely to be confronted with mass protests and riots.

And added:

 “This highly emotional and explosive mood could easily escalate,” adding that if this happens the clashes seen by Germany during the pandemic willprobably feel more like a children’s birthday partyby comparison.

It is clear, what the real motivations for putting the Bundeswehr on the streets are.

In the meantime German Foreign minister Annalena Baerbock says the fate of Ukrainians matters more to her than her own people, no matter how much they suffer this winter.

And this in the face of:

The majority of Germans want the West to take concrete steps to initiate talks with Russia to end the Ukraine conflict, a recent survey has indicated.

Published on Wednesday, the poll commissioned by Germany’s RTL/ntv-Trendbarometer was conducted from August 26 through August 29, with 1,011 people taking part.

According to the survey, some 77% of Germans believe that the West should make concrete efforts to try to launch negotiations with Russia, which could help bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Only 17% would oppose such talks. When asked whether it is the right thing for Western leaders to keep phoning Russian President Vladimir Putin, 87% of the respondents replied in the affirmative, with 11% against.

One can see that this won’t end well when the revolution eventually comes, particularly for politicians like Annalena Baerbock, who cares more about Ukrainians than she does about her own people.

Maybe if the German people can convince their government that transgenders and illegal immigrants are suffering the most from the energy crisis, they will change direction.” – Writes the American Conservative.

At the same time, Germany is suddenly worried that German neo-Nazis who return from Ukraine do so not only with combat experience but also some serious weapons – acquired for gratis thanks to the European tax-payer. 
According to RND, the Interior Ministry has data on  26 German right-wing extremists, but their number may be much higher. 
There is a threat to public safety in Germany if neo—Nazis return from Ukraine with combat experience and, possibly, weapons and ammunition,” said Bundestag deputy Martina Renner. 

Didn’t they say it is repeating Russian propaganda to claim that Nazis were fighting for the Ukrainian regime? So why are they worried now if this was never the case? Is it perhaps because causing mayhem at home looks a much better prospect than dying prematurely in the Dombas for these reprobates?

And what sort of weapons are we talking about exactly? Would it be just small arms or could it also include anti-aircraft and anti-tank complexes with attack drones?

Across the border in the Czech Republic, an estimated crowd of between 50 to a 100 thousand people descended on Wenceslas Square  to protest their government’s policies.

The protesters opposed the increase in energy prices and demanded neutrality on the issue of the conflict in Ukraine. 
We will demand that the current cabinet, which is working against us, resign,” the participants said.  In addition, the participants demanded the return of freedom of speech in the media and social networks. They also urge “to stop diluting the nation with Ukrainian refugees,”  

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala displaying the same arrogance and contempt towards his electorate as the German Foreign Minister, has predictably and conveniently accused the Kremlin’s “pro-Russian forces” of organizing the rally. 

Such are the wonders of European democracy, the one that lectures Russia on democracy, despite the Russian president enjoying popular support that European leaders can only dream of – and no the Levada polling company is not a Russian state tool – it is considered a foreign agent by the Kremlin.

Elsewhere, we continue to witness European solidarity in action, Poland has decided to officially demand reparations from Germany for World War II. This statement was made by the leader of the Polish ruling party Kaczynski.  Poland will demand 6.2 trillion zlotys (about $1.3 trillion) 

Germany has previously stated that it paid all the reparations a long time ago and is not going to pay anything to Poland. 

In parallel Polish citizens have filed more than 1,500 lawsuits in Ukrainian courts for the return of property lost during World War II in Western Ukraine.

“These people would like to either return the apartments and houses that belonged to their ancestors, or demand compensation from Ukraine for real estate,” Polish politician Konrad Rankas explained to Strana.

According to Ukrainian journalists, we are talking about Poles who were forcibly evicted from Ukraine. Now they want to “return the apartments in Lviv”.

Apparently even Lithuania wants in on the act to sue Germany, saying that occupation by Third Reich had caused it billions in damages, despite a not inconsiderable number of its population at the time gleefully volunteering to fight in the Waffen SS.

Oh sweet Europe, never a dull moment.

In the meantime, Europe’s bad boy Orban puts the needs of its own people first. Crazy, isn’t it?

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