The European Political Elite are responsible for the unfolding economic disaster. We should not believe their lies and let them off the hook.

By Romegas

Never known for their accountability, the European Elite are very busy trying to shift the blame for the rapidly unfolding economic disaster that they themselves have caused – Increasingly we hear lies ranging from this is the result of ‘Putin’s price hike’ or that it is all due to events related to the war in Ukraine, or rather cynically that ‘Russia is weaponizing energy’ – to ‘sacrifices are required to defend freedom’ – indeed anything to deflect from their incompetence and irresponsibility.

The current energy disaster is nearly two decades in the making, as I will explain further below –  but let’s get the issue that all this is due to Putin or Russia ‘weaponizing’ energy immediately out of the way – it was not Russia that weaponized energy, it was not Russia which imposed suicidal energy sanctions but it was our very own Euro Elite that did it, an elite with the acumen of demented slugs that believed their own crap that an essentially autarkic Russian economy would immediately buckle under the sanctions regime. As for the claim that the EU states cannot entertain infringements on national sovereignty, it is surely laughable. Not only have they taken great liberty at destroying the sovereignty of others – from Serbia in the 90s to Iraq, Syria and Libya among others – but these states, not least thanks to Brussels, never even bothered to defend the borders of our own states, punishing any government like Orban’s Hungary that attempted to defend them from illegal mass migration. That the EU and its member states are somehow now great believers of sovereignty is simply a joke made in bad taste.

The genesis of the current energy disaster is closer to home, and its origins lie in the cultic climate dogma and the insane belief that a modern industrial economy could run on renewables and so-called ‘alternative energy.

Since the early 2000s, there has been a concerted EU effort to ‘decarbonise’ the European economy. Wave after wave of EU regulations made investment in fossil fuels prohibitive – companies and investors faced institutional hurdles such as obtaining credit or even insurance for new infrastructural projects. Coal and nuclear-powered stations were closed down, fracking was prohibited – the utopia was to be achieved by renewables. Net-zero was to be achieved initially by decarbonizing by 45% by 2030 and completely by 2050.

Let’s just take the UK as just one example, an example that can be replicated across the EU. The UK now has 11,198 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of over 25.5 GW: 14.2 GW of onshore capacity and 11.3 GW of offshore capacity.  Yet, despite comprising more than a theoretical third of the UK’s installed generation capacity of 75.8 GW, as of this evening wind was producing a mere 18% percent of total production while solar is currently producing the grand total of 0%. This low contribution is by no means unusual and has characterized the last week. The day before yesterday, the average wind production was 4.9 percent.

Given that the Brits have practically shut down coal-powered generation despite literally sitting on vast deposits of it, and having practically shut down all nuclear generation – the brunt is now borne by gas.

What these figures do is underline the unavoidable reality that wind generation and all forms of alternative energy are inherently unreliable. Even on the basis of global averages, offshore turbines can only deliver load factors averaging 42 percent while, for planning purposes, a national system must be able to cope with zero contribution.

This has profound operational implications. For every GW of wind (or solar) capacity installed, which makes a contribution to the grid, there must be equivalent backup capacity installed, capable of taking up the slack at very short notice. The slack has to be made up with Gas. Since energy produced from alternative sources such as wind or solar has always been unreliable – European energy companies, while institutionally forbidden to enter into long and predictable contracts had to compete in a spot market to purchase the necessary gas to make up the shortfall. It is this thanks to this competition in the spot market that makes gas prices so volatile as gas suppliers, such as Russia (and others), deprived of long-term fixed contracts have been reluctant to make further investments to increase production when faced with such uncertainty in demand.

But to the woke Euro-elite, ideological delusions always trump reality.

The cluster-fuck of a European energy crisis was looming well before Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. Indeed Russia, had been warning of this potential crisis for years. Putin went to great lengths to explain the consequences. Let me quote somewhat at length  from him in an interview given in October 2021:

“None of you or us could even believe it. Nobody could even imagine that last spring oil would record negative prices for the first time in history. It became more expensive to store oil than to purchase it. This situation is simply unique,” he said.

He then discussed the situation with the gas market in Europe, which in his words, does not yet look balanced and predictable. The main reason, he said, is that “not everything in this market depends on producers: gas consumers are playing an equal and even bigger role”.

Putin further said that he would say a few things that may sound obvious and commonplace, “but various persons in charge have lately chosen to forget about them or keep silent about them, replacing an analysis of the situation with empty political slogans”.

He said that over the past 10 years, the share of renewable energy sources in the European energy balance had skyrocketed, which at first sight appeared as “a good thing”.

However, he said that this sector was notorious for erratic power generation. In the event of major generation failures, primarily due to bad weather, this reserve was simply not large enough to cover the demand.

“This is exactly what happened this year, when, due to a decrease in wind farm generation, there was a shortage of electricity on the European market. Prices soared, which triggered a spike in natural gas prices on the spot market”.

Putin also appeared to blame EU countries for not having planned to stock enough gas. He said gas reserves are usually replenished in the summer to meet the winter demand.

“However, this year, even after a cold winter in Europe, many countries chose not to do so, relying on spot gas supplies and the “invisible hand” of the market, but a spike in demand has sent prices even higher”, he said, according to the transcript by the Kremlin.

Putin stressed that “the rise in natural gas prices in Europe stemmed from shortages of electricity, not the other way around” and rejected suggestions that Russia manipulated or influenced the price spike. Conversely, he blamed EU policies for the negative developments.

“There is no need to lay the blame on other people, which is what some of our partners are trying to do. Occasionally, you get stunned by what is being said on this account, as if these people do not know the numbers […], they do not see the reality and are just covering up their own mistakes.‘ Systemic flaws have been gradually introduced in European energy over the past decade, which led to a major market crisis in Europe,”

The poor soul tried to open our eyes but we wouldn’t have it – and it now seems that in panic, the ruling classes are now discussing an “emergency intervention“. One hopes that they have learned something from their past mistakes, but do not hold your breath, they still believe that alternative energy is the cheapest:

Currently, Europe’s electricity market is underpinned by a “merit order” system in which the power stations offering the cheapest electricity are tapped first, but prices are determined by the last and most expensive power stations to be tapped. As these are usually gas plants, cheap renewable energy is often sold at the same price as costlier fossil fuel-based power.

So, far from identifying the problem, the EU is doubling down on it – which is no surprise when you consider that the likes of von der Leyen have been promoted to the highest positions for their ideological adherence rather than competence. This woman has literally ruined everything she was asked to administer – an unenvious career of abysmal failure which in the eyes of the EU made her the perfect candidate to head its presidency.

When, winter sets in – and for most of continental Europe this is now only weeks away – and people start to freeze in their homes, industries fail and unemployment soars and we move steadily back towards the dark ages – you should be very aware of the root cause. The excuses will intensify, as will the desperate attempts to shift the blame, as will the censorship and oppression – but there is only one entity that is entirely to blame: the woke elite beholden by the green cult.

Future historians will study our period in amazement – they will wonder how could it be that such a prosperous society voluntarily indulged in collective suicide?

The answer I fear lies in ancient history, didn’t the Greeks tells us that: ‘They that the gods want to destroy, they first make mad’?

But there will be a reckoning and it won’t be nice – it never is – the Czech justice minister already recognizes it, for yesterday he spoke of the risk of a real revolution in Europe. According to him: ‘the governments of European countries may lose power if they cannot find a way out of the energy crisis. The situation in the social sphere and the mood of citizens are the most dramatic for more than 30 years — since 1989.

In 1989, the Velvet Revolution took place in Czechoslovakia, which led to the removal of the Communist Party from power.

But more on this and much else in the next article.

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