Fr. Luke, you’re not a fallen tree!

Fr. David Muscat

I hope that from his prison cell, Fr. Luke Seguna, parish priest of Marsaxlokk manages to read this opinion piece so that in court he may have that joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium).  I am offering psalm 117 as a petition to God for Fr. Luke:

I called the Lord in my distress,

and the Lord answered me and brought me out into the open.

As the Lord is with me, I need not be afraid.

What can men do to me?

The Lord is with me, He is my helper,

and I openly confront my enemies.

Fr. Luke must believe that this ordeal is a blessing for “the Lord disciplines the ones He loves, and He chastens everyone accepts as his son.” (Hebrews 12,6).

Many are underestimating the gravity and the great consequences of the fact that:

1) we have a priest imprisoned before proven guilty,

2) the institutional church has abandoned a Maltese parish priest, and finally,

3)  his parents can barely visit him for more than a few minutes.   

This is tragic. There was that unhappy public intervention invoking the fallen tree and the supposedly remaing good forest analogy, then the Maltese proverb bejn erba’ ħitan u taħt erba’ kaptelli, besqa (ħarja) f’wiċċ il-flus li kelli and finally the Curia opened a civil case against Fr. Luke to get its money back. All these have prejudiced Fr. Luke seriously.

When Cardinal Angelo Becciu, the Secretary of State of the Holy See, was accused of money laundering, Pope Francis ignored the media and shocked the whole world many times.  He visited the accused Cardinal on Holy Thursday 2021 (the feast of priests), repeatedly said in public that he hoped the former Secretary of State was found innocent, and even celebrated Eucharist in his house when this cardinal was going to trial in a Vatican’s court!

What a contrast to Malta!

So much for Maltese liberal literati and our bishops’ quotations of Pope Francis’ invocations for mercy; so much for the slogans of a Church being inclusive of the outcast, so much for paintings depicting marginalized peoples and other works of mercy painted in our churches that garnered the applause of the radical chic liberals and the internet trolls paid by the government because the artist happens to be a diehard Laburist sal-mewt.  So much for a Church that does not browbeat the faithful with doctrinal pronouncements (that is what they accuse me) and is not ashamed to embrace the marginalized and the oppressed. So much for the apron-serving church.  And now the apron that is being worn is that one also made from lace that isn’t that one cited by Fr. Joe Borg to mock priests saying it was worn by our grandmothers.  No, this time it is the masonic apron that the powerful dress with delight after rejoicing in seeing priests suffering.

Whatever misdeeds Fr Luke Seguna allegedly committed, he was completely abandoned by the institution.  Since the liberal literati decided that Fr Luke is guilty, so it seems to be pointless to defend him with the risk of him losing his court case, thereby exposing oneself to further scorn and ridicule.  If an ecclesiastical career that includes a red hat is built on exploiting the weaknesses of priests (like sex scandals), then Fr. Luke would be another trophy to show the Pope that you’re loyal because his alleged crime is money laundering and this sin is anathema to the Repubblika crowd and the Pope condemned it in his 4 winds speech when visiting Malta.

To the disappointment of the Maltese liberal crowd, Pope Francis is a worthy son of Vatican Council II which in one of its decrees, Presbyterorum Ordinis, states that the bishop and the priests are one (No. 52).  If one falls, so too does the other; the glory of one is the glory of the other.  Yet this means that even the tears and the pain of one belong to the other.  We have unfortunately twisted our understanding of this teaching when to ensure that the shepherd does not fall, Fr. Luke was abandoned to the wolves.  A veritable parable of the lost sheep in reverse!

Except for some of the parishioners of Marsaxlokk, very few in the Maltese Church want to publicly associate with Fr. Luke and imitate the good Samaritan and Pope Francis.  Yet again the priest and the Levite (the Maltese ones) pass by unperturbed.  What a travesty of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

On the opposite, a true Christian father and mother should imitate that father in another parable found only in Luke’s gospel – the parable of the prodigal son.  The good father, no matter what his youngest son did, defends him at all costs.  The Curia wants its money back in her coffers and this seems eerily like the parable’s eldest brother accusing his young brother of wasting his dad’s money on debauchery.  The parallels are amazing. You see, The Times who are the mitred midget friends happily spined on Fr. Luke’s porn mishaps to further dehumanise the priest. The Curia managed yet again to unite the anticlerical Laburisti salmewt and the anti-PL Times of Malta.

Future generations will definitely ponder about the travesty of the parable of the prodigal son by those who trumpet Pope Francis’s mercy to bless the hideous sin of same-sex couples by glorifying anal sex but simultaneously condemn Fr. Luke for allegedly watching porn… through church money that Pace Ross can’t count!

The parish priests who might be reading this opinion piece ought to get this fact through their heads. The analogy of the rotten tree (Fr. Luke) and the sturdy silent forest of good trees (all the other kappillani) not only prejudiced Fr. Luke’s case irreparably, but it is also very bad theology about the ontological nature of the priesthood.  There is but one truth, namely that there are no weak bad trees and sturdy good trees because every priest is a weak bad tree, including myself, Fr. Luke, all the other kappillani, the bishop, and even the Pope who repeatedly begs us ‘’pray for me’’.  Pope Francis is like Saint Francis who thought he was the worst sinner in the world and his hagiographers said that poverello often repeated the shocking phrase “I am worse than Satan”.  

As Fr. Michael Buckley S.J. asks ‘’Are you weak enough to be a priest?’’, we seem to forget the classic comparison in philosophy between Socrates and Christ which is basically a judgment in human excellence.

Socrates faced death with calmness and poise.  He accepted the judgment of the court, discoursed on the alternatives suggested by death, and found no cause for fear, drank the poison, and died.  Jesus of Nazareth – how much to the contrary – was almost hysterical with terror and fear; ‘’with loud cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death’’.  He turned to his friends for comfort and prayed for an escape from death but found neither.  Finally, he established control over himself and moved into death in silence and lonely isolation and some theologians add even into the terrible interior suffering of the hidden divinity, the absence of God.

Jesus thus was a more profoundly weak tree than the sturdy oak Socrates!  Jesus was more liable to physical pain and weariness, more sensitive to human rejection and contempt, and more affected by human love and hate.  Socrates never wept over Athens or expressed sorrow and pain for the betrayal of friends.  Socrates was Scicluna’s sturdy tree for he was possessed and integral, never over-extended, and convinced that that the just man could never suffer genuine hurt.  Socrates the philosopher was one of the greatest and most heroic men who have ever existed, and a paradigm of what humanity can achieve with the individual.  (Perhaps he also loved young men – bonsai trees – and I guess that’s a bonus to Scicluna).

On the other hand, Jesus the Priest was ambiguous, suffering, mysterious and salvific.

Do not despair Father Luke because a pre-conciliar Church and a corrupt state led by fake Social Democrats united to crucify you.  Even if the evil forces were to humiliate you and send you to jail, (they have already done this) remember that you are NOT a rotten tree for “Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a TREE.” (Galatians 3, 13).

3 thoughts on “Fr. Luke, you’re not a fallen tree!

  1. We have became a weak society accepting illegalities above the rule of law.
    Asking ?
    Why was Rev Luke Seguna accused of money laundering when 20% of the Maltese in some way got themselves millionaires by tax evasion ( stealing the state ) then turning the money in inflated properties ?
    Corruption blessed by our safeguards.
    The Malta Police Forse.

  2. Prosit Fr David, kompli iksef il qerq u ippokresija li hemm fil Kuria biex il wanaby kardinal jilhaq il mira tieghu!

  3. Jiddispjacini li ser nikten dan li gej bis ser nikteb biex infakkar lil Arcisqof fuq il – Parobba taal – Mara li nibdet u riedu ihagruwa u xhin marru isaqsu lil Gesu x’ ghandhom jghamlu qalilhom . Min mhux Midneb jitfa l – Ewwel Gebla . Lila qallha , ,Mur dnubietek mahfura u tergax .

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