German Authorities Fear Mass Insurrection

By Romegas

In an interview with Germany’s national public television, Stephan Kramer, President of the State-Agency for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia (State Domestic Intelligence Service) stated that Germany could be facing mass unrest this autumn and protests over the energy crisis. He went on to say:

demonstrations could be expected over “gas shortages, energy problems, supply difficulties, possible recession, unemployment, but also the growing poverty right up to the middle class.

we’re likely to be confronted with mass protests and riots,”

He went on to say that due to the handling of Covid-19 and the economic fallout from EU sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, “we’re dealing with a highly emotionalized, aggressive, future-pessimistic mood in society, whose trust in the state, its institutions and political actors is fraught with massive doubts,”

“This highly emotional and explosive mood could easily escalate,” adding that if this happens the clashes seen by Germany during the pandemic will “probably feel more like a children’s birthday party” by comparison.

According to him, effective crisis management and cooperation between political forces on all sides of the spectrum would be required to avoid what he called a “hot autumn.”

But the most important factor in avoiding unrest and maintaining social peace should berestoring the confidence of Germans in the authorities“, he concluded.

How that confidence can be restored, particularly when it was precisely the frankly insane decisions (Mass migration, Net-Zero, Covid lockdowns, vaccine segregation, suicidal sanctions, etc), taken by the authorities themselves that are driving whole sections of German society into the wall is the million dollar question.

I have warned for a long time now that an arrogant, inept, and political pan-European elite class that lives in an insulated bubble and that believes in its own woke shit, has long spent any vestiges of trust and is creating truly pre-revolutionary conditions.

From Britain to Italy, Form Germany to France, From Spain to the Netherlands, Europe is now effectively one huge powder keg.

The only question that remains in my mind is no longer if, but rather when the whole thing blows up.  

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