If these are the quality of teachers with whom Scicluna held a meeting then the problem is serious.

I am hereunder carrying a comment posted on Facebook by a teacher at St Albert’s College. If this is the type of teachers at the college, this explains why there are problems. I would like to believe that this is an isolated case. One may not agree with one’s superiors but without any doubt, this is not the way to address one’s superiors. If this is the mentality that has developed within the school then there is a very serious problem.  

It is certainly unacceptable and cannot be tolerated that a teacher insults her superior by calling him spittle or telling him that she is not afraid of him because she has cookies. Why then should we be surprised that schooling is deteriorating in leaps and bounds? But, first and foremost, priority must be given to inclusivity, not the children! No wonder the world over, parents are starting to react to this form of teaching in their children’s schools.  

The place for these types of teachers is certainly not in an institute of education. 

If this is the quality of teachers with whom Archbishop Scicluna had a meeting, then the problem is far more serious. It is embarrassing that our Archbishop eggs on and supports these types of employees at the expense of the Dominicans. He should be ashamed. Lest anyone forgets the School belongs to the Dominicans, not the employed teachers.   

The post herewith was partly written in Maltese and English:

You are just spittle – you have the gall to post your post on the College’s Facebook page. I am so disgusted that you have the audacity to post the job vacancy to fill up Mr. Mallia’ post when we all want him back. It seems you enjoy rubbing salt into the wound. You are so insensitive to what we, as staff members want. Mr. Mallia is our leader. We love and respect him and the fact that you are b…..  read more

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