It was Arnaud who decided that the presidential pardon be given to Melvyn Theuma; while the Caruana Galizia family never informed the police that they had sent Daphne’s laptop to Germany.

From testimony given a few days ago in court, but which was never reported by the mainstream media, even though the case was covered, is what Inspector Keith Arnaud (today Superintendent) stated about the presidential pardon granted to Melvyn Theuma regarding Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

This testimony was given during a sitting of the case instituted by the Caruana Galizia family against Yorgen Fenech. When Superintendent Arnaud was asked who had decided that a presidential pardon had to be given and to whom it should be given, meaning to either Yorgen Fenech or Melvyn Theuma, Arnaud replied that it was he who decided that it should be granted to Melvyn Theuma and not Yorgen Fenech. To be clear Arnaud spoke using the pluralis majestatis i.e. the royal ‘we.’

Hereunder, word for word, is what Arnaud on oath stated in Court. This testimony was given on 23rd May 2022 in the Civil case sitting.

Arnaud’s testimony:

we found that Melvyn Theuma knew a lot and could be involved in the case. It resulted to us that Melvyn Theuma could have been the contact between Yorgen Fenech and the Degiorgio brothers and Vincent Muscat

Here, we already face the first hurdle with this witness.  Yorgen Fenech is no longer the person who had engaged Melvyn Theuma to hire the Degiorgio brothers and Vincent Muscat to murder Daphne Caruana Galizia.  Now, Superintendent Arnaud is using the conditional; thus, expressing the hypothetical and unlikely situation that it could have been Yorgen Fenech.  We have here somebody being denied bail.  And the police is saying that it is not sure whether Yorgen Fenech was the one to engage them or not!  

Is Yorgen Fenech the contact or not?  After all, we now even have one of the Degiorgio brothers who spoke with a foreign journalist and during the interview, the same revelations were made confirming, once again, what Yorgen Fenech had already told the police and Arnaud. But what is even more relevant is that Alfred Degiorgio did not mention Yorgen Fenech as being one of the assassins or masterminds behind the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia.  

From this testimony, another detail is revealed. Arnaud states:

We had got to know that Yorgen Fenech was going to leave Malta by boat

Therefore, there was no issue of escape because since the Police knew that he was going out on the boat, why did they not arrest him at the time?  But no.  They wanted to make a show.  Readers should be reminded that Yorgen Fenech was leaving on that famous yacht at 5 a.m. when, by chance, Jacob Borg, the Times of Malta journalist, happened to be on location and gave us a live commentary.  Therefore, there was no escape involved.  Fenech was going out earlier to take his yacht for repairs in Sicily but was delayed by a phone call from Keith Schembri.  Arnaud continues that even Yorgen Fenech asked for a pardon, testifying that:

the police had recommended granting Melvyn Theuma a pardon

Am I correct in saying that when Superintendent Arnaud is stating that the police recommended the pardon, he means that he personally made the recommendation?

When questioned about the pardon by Anna Mallia, Yorgen Fenech’s defence attorney, Arnaud replied as follows:

 “After having examined the two versions (meaning Yorgen Fenech’s version and Melvyn Theuma’s), WE recommended that e pardon be granted to Melvyn Theuma”.

Therefore, Arnaud was part of the deciding team.

Arnaud continued testifying that what Melvyn Theuma had said was all corroborated. Nevertheless, Arnaud is now going to have a serious problem because meanwhile, the Degiorgio Brothers already had implicated a minister in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.  The question to ask is obvious.  Were they referring to Chris Cardona?  

However, the inconsistencies in investigating this crime continue to be revealed with the testimony of Arnaud in person.  Arnaud states that the only proof that Yorgen Fenech is involved in this crime is Melvyn Theuma.  And what if Melvyn Theuma is caught lying? What is going to happen?

A few days ago, he was in Court to testify in the case of Mario Degiorgio, brother of George and Alfred Degiorgio who are in prison and accused of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.  Once again Theuma’s testimony raises many questions that indicate that Yorgen Fenech is not the monster described by Melvyn Theuma.  One has also to bear in mind that Theuma has already been caught out lying and Magistrate Rachel Montebello has also had to draw his attention to this fact.

This is what Arnaud had to say in the case instituted by the Caruana Galizia family, meaning the only proof – if one wishes to call it so – that Yorgen Fenech is involved is what Theuma said.

When we mentioned him to Melvyn Theuma he told us that he always feared that Yorgen Fenech would eliminate him because he was the proof against Yorgen Fenech”.

Yet if there was anybody wishing to eliminate Melvyn Theuma it was not Fenech.  If one wants to believe  Melvyn Theuma’s own version concerning his attempted suicide, it is Melvyn Theuma who has the most to fear!  Had Yorgen Fenech had a finger in the pie, no doubt Theuma would have had no problem to state that Fenech had tried to kill him.

But a clanger is yet to come. Under oath, Arnaud says that:

We got to know from the media that the laptop is in Germany. When we had a meeting with the Caruana Galizia family, I believe that the news had already been published by the media. I never asked Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family for the laptop.

In short, the chief investigator was not capable of finding Keith Schembri’s mobile and not even confiscating Daphne Caruana Galizia’s laptop. Why? Arnaud did not even know where it was and Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family hid it from the police.  The police, or better still, Superintendent Arnaud did not even take the trouble to pick it up!

To crown this whole narrative, the inquiry never even requested the laptop and worse still the magistrate, who did not ask for the laptop to be found or to be returned from Germany, was promoted and is now a Judge!  Consequently, the evidence that would have cleared Yorgen Fenech has been lost because the laptop was destroyed while the courts were hell-bent on denying Yorgen Fenech bail on the grounds that there could be disorder in the streets.  Riots will take place, whenever the Maltese get to know the contents of the laptop!

This is, therefore, a case that is going to rely entirely on Melvyn Theuma who has already been caught out not telling the truth during Yorgen Fenech’s compilation of evidence. Theuma is an individual who fleeces people with his usury and because he is testifying in the manner he is testifying, the money he makes from usury, off the backs of these poor people, is now being recycled by the State in order that it can enjoy these ill-gotten gains.

On these issues, the honest liberal media together with the Catholic Church remains silent. Who the hell cares whether many persons have ended up victims of Melvyn Theuma.  Soon some priest will turn up and  portray him on some church lunette!

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