“I am an activist”: fiddlesticks.

From a reader of this blog

If Malta Today’s brand new series ’I am Activist’, which kicked off with Repubblika’s president being interviewed, is anything to go by, I fear there is nothing brand new in what Repubblika had to say nor does it reflect any acumen.

Repubblika’s president, Robert Aquilina has simply nothing of substance to communicate to the world at large, except to those Wokists floating about.

To tell usthat every citizen has a duty to act as a watchdog against power and to bring about change’ is merely talking big for the sake of talking big.  

Repubblika’s mission is to condemn all that is wrong,” Aquilina says. Interestingly, this ‘mission to condemn’ carries an ominous ring to it, very similar to extreme Islamic groups and reminiscent of politicians who have risen and fallen in their attempts to destroy democracy.

Aquilina also said that “thanks to Repubblika’s efforts, the government had revamped the judicial appointments system, which now guaranteed “impartiality and independence”.

 I ask myself whether he is sober when he makes such declarations but it is futile to reason with a non-democrat who, with every stock statement he makes, sounds alarm bells for whoever has a head on his or her shoulder.  

Aquilina is so proud of his group’s achievement that he states “Our biggest accomplishment – which will go down in history – were the protests of late 2019 and January 2020, that led to the resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and a number of prominent ministers.”

Whether this was truly a Repubblika accomplishment is debatable and only time will tell.

Luke Vella who penned the article published on August 5, 2022, seems to be in awe of Robert Aquilina and possibly also believes that the Repubblika lot are going to save Malta. Fiddlesticks!  

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