The Grand Inquisitor

By Romegas

Mario Mallia, the late headmaster who was given his marching orders by the board of St Albert the Great College, had hardly finished uttering his version of events when our so-called independent media along with the usual suspects immediately went into overdrive.

Mario Mallia had implied that the main reason for his dismissal was because he was promoting ‘inclusivity and diversity’. This accusation was enough, for in the eyes of the progressive left there can be no greater sin than that of not bowing down and not offering one’s total fealty and subservience to this greatest of causes.

So without patiently enquiring as to the true reasons and waiting for the facts and without as much as a pretense to inform its readers with an objective picture, the ‘independent’ media duly accused the school of this most heinous of crimes and proclaimed Mallia as a martyr of the faith.

Having taken its cue, the online lynch mob quickly flooded social media with all sorts of accusations and even threats – this was proof if any was needed, that the Dominican order, the Church, and indeed faithful adherents of Christ – are a reactionary force, one that must be eradicated if we are to progress to the Sunny uplands of progress.

That a Catholic school ought to have the right to teach things consistent with its faith, and that parents who send their children there for precisely that reason expect it to do so, simply did not wash. The crime of not promoting ‘inclusiveness and diversity’ over-rides any other consideration. That their vile posts and hateful comments (of course the police won’t investigate) exposed the authors of such diatribes of being far more despicable than the action they accused the rector for, did not register either – in this relativistic age, it is Lenin’s formula for determining the moral value of an act: who is doing it to whom? Something that might be a crime when done by a member of a disfavoured group could be an act of heroism when done by a favoured group is what counts.

Graffiti issued ominous warnings, and Peppi Azzopardi swore to all and sundry – that yes the reason why Mallia was sacked was because of his progressiveness values.

The MUT was quickly on the scene demanding the reinstatement of the headmaster and the resignation of the rector and the board or else they would take further action. If only they were to show the same zeal and militancy when it comes to protesting against the plummeting academic standards and in certain instances lawless environment in our state schools, our students would have been better served and who knows, one day we might actually register an improvement.  But you see, ensuring that our students are indoctrinated in the Woke Faith is again of higher consideration, including that of actually educating them.

The minister of education was likewise quick to ensure that he be seen on the ‘right side of history’, promising to increase the dosage of ‘inclusivity and diversity’ in our schools, for there can never be enough of it. As long as he is seen to be a firm apostle of the faith, he doesn’t need to worry too much about criticism or actually addressing the fundamental problems in our educational system.

Hell, even the archbishop jumped into the fray, offering to act as a mediator – at least he had the foresight not to utter an outright condemnation without knowing the full facts – as the media clearly wanted him to.

It had to take a few days, to get to hear the other side, and therefore for a more objective picture to emerge, when the college faced with this unjust persecution, decided to disclose what they reasonably assumed ought to have been a private matter between employer and employee, and this only after demanding a right of reply through their lawyers which the media had no other option but to begrudgingly publish.

In this right of reply, we learn of a few instances where Mr. Mallia was guilty of administrative malfeasance (in what is implied to be a long litany of offenses) – of which he was repeatedly warned to desist from. Indeed the letter is damning, and considering that the College probably decided not to publish what are sensitive issues, and presuming that they have the evidence to back their claims in a tribunal, one can only conclude that if anything, the college exercised a great degree of patience before sacking him.

At this stage, one would have expected any self-respecting media, union, group, or individual to apologise for having inflamed the mob without due cause – but of course, there was none from anyone. For you need to understand the objective was never to inform you or address a possible injustice – the objective was always solely to bully, to intimidate  – to ensure that none dare Cross the Grand Inquisitor without consequence.

Indeed, in the college’s reply – there was  a hint of this Grand Inquisitor’s power – for ensconced in it – there was a pledge, an auto da fe by the college to continue with its campaign of promoting ‘inclusivity and diversity.’

This Grand Inquisitor claims great love of diversity but demands a totalitarian adherence to a single ideology.

This Grand Inquisitor claims great love of inclusivity – except for those that cross him.

This Grand Inquisitor portrays himself as a high priest of tolerance but has absolutely zero tolerance for those who do not buy into his dogma.

And everyone must know it.

This heavy-handed approach though has had an unintended effect – with all this focus on this college’s perceived wickedness of removing a man who promoted ‘inclusivity and diversity’ – people who previously missed things that went under the radar, had their curiosity piqued and started to look closer at what exactly was being promoted in this college under Mallia’s stewardship.

What emerged disturbed a good many people, not least parents of students – and about which we will discuss in a subsequent article.

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