Famous English quotes… or hypocrisy @ its very finest… or 3 cases of ‘the pot calling the kettle black!!

By Hermann Farrugia

Example 1: Unrepentantly, Unfaithful Spouse-Abusers & Domestic Partner Violators accusing Church Clergy in a generalised way, calling them satanist-paedophiles.

Example 2: Professedly Progressive ProChoicers calling out in favour of abrupt selective interruption of Progress of Embryonic Development & abortion of Foetal Maturation.

Example 3: The So-called Progressive AD+PD in-tandem with our supposed Intelligentsia, as pushed by our Liberal Press, call out for the impeachment of President of Republic/pro-life Medical Doctor… and today of all people, the Hon Leader of the Nationalist Opposition’s Liberal wing (currently now at his all-time-low in popularity rating), asserts that H.E.Dr G. Vella ought to have resigned.!

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