Will Malta follow the EU plan to cut 15% of its gas consumption because of the Ukrainian war?

Marica Micallef

Times of Malta, as late as always, reported on 20th July that since the EU is facing Russian ‘blackmail’, it is seeking to cut gas use by 15%.[1] The said media reported:

“The European Commission on Wednesday urged EU countries to reduce demand for natural gas by 15% over the coming months to secure winter stocks and defeat Russian “blackmail”.

Announcing an emergency plan, EU commissioners also asked member states to give Brussels special powers to impose compulsory energy rationing if Russia cuts off Europe’s gas lifeline.

A total shutdown of imports or a sharp reduction in the east to west flow could have a catastrophic effect on the European economy, shutting factories and forcing households to turn down the heat.”

So, since Ursula von der Leyen said in its speech that based on Article 122, every member state should reduce the use of gas by 15%, can our government inform us how is the Maltese nation going to go about this? Didn’t Abela say that we do not have a gas shortage?

Von der Leyen also said that a second objective is for the EU to provide a safety net for all member states, and reduce gas use in case there is a deterioration like the full disruption of Russian gas. Is this why she went to strike a deal with Azerbaijan?

In the meantime, we learn that “Uniper, which once imported and stored massive volumes of Russian natural gas, is on the brink of collapse. If it falls, much like Lehman Brothers during the 2008 recession, it may bring others with it, according to Belgian broadcaster RTBF.”[2] Thus, it is clear that major importers are struggling to survive on limited supplies.

We also learn that out of fear of a dark winter, Germany is rationing hot water, dimming its streetlights, and shutting down swimming pools as the impact of its energy crunch begins to spread from industry to offices, leisure centres, and homes.[3] Berlin is also planning to limit claims of “force majeure” in bid to stabilise energy markets.[4]  Macron is also seeking  ‘energy sobriety’ from the French, thus turning off streetlights.[5]

But could it be that Germany has more than 2.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas stored in shale rock, which is enough to serve its nation for more than 20 years? Back in 2012, OSW, the Centre for Eastern Studies, published an article entitled “Shale gas reserves in Germany are estimated at up to 22 trillion cubic meters.” The article states that:

“The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources has presented a survey concerning potential deposits of shale gas in Germany, which had been ordered by the federal government. According to the survey, entitled ‘Shale gas reserves in Germany (as estimated in May 2012)’, German deposits are estimated to range between 6.8 and even 22.6 trillion m3, of which approximately 10%, i.e. between 0.7 and 2.3 trillion m3, can be extracted with the application of currently available technologies. Most shale gas reserves are reportedly located in the north of the country: in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. [……..] In the institute’s opinion, the application of this method for unconventional gas production is economically feasible and safe for the environment. Shale gas exploration will continue up to 2015.” Do the EU and the governments really want to make us believe that all this has nothing to do with two years of moronic restrictions followed by a suicidal embargo on Russia which has backfired badly and reduced Europe’s energy supply massively? Isn’t it no huge coincidence? Do the EU and the governments really want to make us believe that all this has nothing to do with the stupid policies that Western World Economic Forum leaders have been pursuing for a long time?

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