The PN needs to act in a timely manner regarding corrupt practices rather than dilly-dallying

Political commentary by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

A few days ago, Jacob Borg reported what OSCE stated that election cheques violate international standards and such financial allocations should not have taken place during election time. I had been right way back in May 2017, and yet again last February 2022, when I insisted with the PN to report these practices to OSCE! My repeated call about Malta & Gozo’s pre-electoral abuse required to be immediately reported to O.S.C.E. and hopefully be preempted at the source. Instead, this Election Year, my insistent suggestion has once again uselessly fallen on literally deaf ears only to be lamented when it’s far too late to obtain effective judicial redress.

The most serious after-effect of this is that repeated vote buying techniques, as electoral corrupt practices, are becoming a Maltese trait. The Maltese electorate is not merely becoming refractory to the abuse but is in fact vastly ‘being trained’ to get even more drawn into expecting to receive benefits in one form or other, from a caretaker government.

PN needs to learn to be effective at the opportune moment and not to adopt dilly-dally practices. This means making a timely preemption rather than resorting to the routine post-electoral futile lamentation.

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