The Malta Independent carried an editorial on the Speaker which was merely aping the powers that be 

The Malta Independent carried an editorial on Friday 15th July 2022 which was a groundless attack on the Speaker. Its author was merely aping the powers that be. I would never have expected such superficiality from this newspaper.  Clearly whoever penned this editorial could not even be bothered to check facts but instead set out to write a piece with the suaveness of a sleek operator who knows he or she can get away with it because the majority of readers are semi-oblivious of how our parliament should function according to our Laws and Constitution.  And this is what empowers these sleazy journalists to feed rubbish to their readers in a subtle manner that sways the potential voter and leads voters to believe what has been written.  

The editorial states the biggest problem that effectively the Standard Committee faces is that it is formed by MPs acting as watchdogs over themselves. And what is wrong with that? Short of breaking the law why not? Are all our MPs unethical and are all our MPs corrupt? I do not think so or, at least, I like to think so, otherwise, we might as well be in Sri Lanka at the moment. All this has been brought on by the fact that there are a number of politicians and other dysfunctional lawyers and members of the judiciary who would like to see the back of Farrugia for their own egoistic and egotistic aims which are certainly nowhere close to either the rule of law or any love for our country.

Facts have proven this over and over again and yet they keep on trying these forms of shenanigans with the added help of OECD and a former Nationalist minister and Commissioner and the many other MEPs who are only there because they are useless in their own countries but have landed cushy jobs and can help line their pockets to their heart’s content in the meantime.  But no way can they simply bring about change by acting in this circumvoluted fashion.

To quote the editorial: The fact that Farrugia is a former Labour MP and [former] PL deputy leader does not help when it comes to the image of impartiality.  What utter nonsense. By the same argument then all our judges and magistrates cannot be impartial – and in fact, some have amply demonstrated this fact. Therefore, judges and magistrates should never be given other posts on retirement in the public sector at the expense of the rule of law and the truth.  This quote alone suffices to confirm what I have just stated above. Our journalists are not only biased – probably picking up this trait from Daphne Caruana Galizia but then they do not have her grit to want to find out more.

Why on earth cannot an individual with gumption – who is both knowledgeable and has an unblemished track record – not preside on certain committees and even lead the country? Why has it got to be a lawyer who however qualified may not know certain basics, because today the basics are missing from our educational system in particular at our secondary level. We are in a situation where everything has been reduced to a bare minimum and, therefore, unless one innately has that curiosity of wanting to broaden ones field of knowledge, we are in a rut that is not just superficial but damaging for the country,

We do not even have the capacity to analyse situations before plunging headfirst into aggressive attacks left, right and, centre which, more often than not, are unsubstantiated and remain so just as long as we are in limelight and the media gives us coverage. But there again the media is not prepared to play her role thus compounding irretrievably the situation. 

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