Who is demanding the return of the mask mandate but Dr, Fearne said we should not be worried.

Marica Micallef

‘World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on Tuesday for authorities to bring back masking, ventilation, and social distancing.  Speaking during a weekly briefing, Tedros stated that “the virus is running freely, and countries are not effectively managing the disease.” With the WHO concluding last week that the virus remains a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’, Tedros asserted that the pandemic was “nowhere near over.”[1]

And not only the WHO is demanding the return of Covid masks; after reaching the “high” threshold of COVID-19 activity on Thursday, Los Angeles County is on track to start requiring masks indoors once more as of July 29.[2]  Officials would reinstate laws requiring the wearing of masks throughout the majority of indoor public activities if the county remains in the high category for two weeks in a row.  That would be no later than July 29.  LA County Healthcare Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer has also warned that indoor mask mandate may return soon.  Barbara Ferrer, the LA County Director of Public Health, has tried implementing new measures, such as promoting increased vaccinations for those under 18, in recent weeks in an attempt to curb the growth. However, on Thursday, she noted that the mandate could be back very soon.” [3]

Weren’t we promised by the health authorities that covid will be over once we take the vaccine? It is very clear that the vaccine is not working!

In Russia, although they are still debating it, the owners of shopping centres that are part of the Russian Council of Shopping Centres (RSTC) are now reconsidering masks.  “The press service of the Island of Dreams shopping and entertainment center said that they support epidemic safety measures and will soon begin broadcasting calls for visitors to wear masks. Entrance doors and contact surfaces are disinfected on the territory of the complex, disinfectants and antiseptic dispensers are kept in cafes and restaurants.  Loudspeaker announcements about the use of masks will be launched soon.”[4]

New Zealand is also set to tighten its Covid restrictions and will hand out more free masks and rapid antigen tests as the virus threatens to run out of control. Covid-19 Response Minister Ayesha Verrall is expected to announce the measures on Thursday as the country battles an outbreak that is seeing more than 11,000 new cases a day”.  This was reported in an article by The Daily Mail entitled “Jacinda Ardern will bring BACK hated Covid restrictions as New Zealand battles its biggest-ever outbreak – with 11,000 cases a day”.[5]

I cannot understand why mask wearing is being mandated again when a peer-reviewed study entitled: “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe” has demonstrated that use of face masks, even widespread, did not correlate with better outcomes during the COVID epidemic, based on data from 35 European countries with populations of over one million people each, encompassing a total of 602 million people.’ Using this data, this peer-reviewed study has confirmed what this site has been reporting all along – that use of face masks “may have harmful unintended consequences” and that “face mask usage correlates with higher death rates”.[6]

What kind of science are the WHO and such governments following?  Or is this warning of the return of mask mandates being done as another way of fear-mongering so that more people take the vaccines or for greater uptake of the fourth dose?  Or is this because we are seeing cases of Covid-19 trending upward globally, including in Malta?

According to Dr Fearne, this trend in Malta is not a worry because, according to him, even though we are having ongoing mass events, the number of cases in Malta is going down. He added that “issa rridu ngħixu l-ħajja tagħna b’mod normali nkluż b’attivitajiet soċjali, kulturali u dawk tal-massa”.[7] [Now we must live our lives normally, including social, cultural, and mass event activities].  So why was not this philosophy applied pre-vaccination roll-out, when lockdowns and mask-wearing were mandated even though we had a lower amount of cases?  Or is it that the nation now needs some distraction while many of the vaccinated are dying “suddenly and mysteriously” or being hospitalised?  Times of Malta has in fact reported that “Malta currently has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the EU, according to figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)”.[8]  Aren’t we one of those nations which is highly vaccinated?  Shouldn’t then we have the lowest Covid-19 death rate in the EU?  What does Dr Fearne have to say about this or shouldn’t it be a worrying matter?

So, considering that according to Dr. Fearne, we are not to worry and we are to live our lives normally, then we shouldn’t be worrying about the mask mandate because it surely won’t be back in Malta, or will it be?

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