Let Them Eat Cake

By Romegas

Roberta Metsola, felt it necessary to share with her followers (and others who are not) the joys of enjoying an idyllic vacation in the beautiful wilderness of Finland.

In normal circumstances, there would be nothing wrong with this – even though, one wonders why how a politician spends his free time should be of any relevance or importance to others. Politicians are not ultimately gauged on where they take their vacation and how much they are enjoying it – but on what they deliver.

But these are not normal circumstances.

Given that since she has ascended to the role of President of the European Parliament, and given that the decisions of the same parliament she presides over and the other members of the cabal she forms part of have taken disastrous decisions that are fast turning many Europeans into paupers – the public display of her swanky lifestyle can only leave a bitter distaste.

As many Europeans face ever-rising prices and hard choices between eating or freezing this coming winter – here we have the head of the European Parliament sharing with all and sundry the joys of vacation – something that for the majority of Europeans is fast becoming a luxury they can no longer afford.

To me, this not only displays an incredible lack of good judgment, but worse proves that we are led by an elite class that simply has no clue of the misery they are causing. An elite living in a bubble and is insulated from the consequences of their own decisions. Consequences that we are expected to burden while they continue to live a comfortable lifestyle subsidized by us.

It is well and truly a let them eat cake moment – and it will have the same repercussions. Their assumption that Europeans will quietly starve while their betters enjoy the trappings of life can only last so much.

They know not what a bitter harvest they are sowing – but given their hubris and ill-founded sense of superiority – they will always be the last to find out.  

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