If ever there was a case when not all the evidence was presented by the Attorney General in Court it is not the Pilatus Bank case but that of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder  

On Sunday 17th July 2022, the newspaper il-Mument carried on the back page news about the office of the Attorney General. On the front page, it repeated what this site has been reporting about the situation within the Labour Party. While in what concerns the Labour Party, the paper is correct, what it carried on the back page, regarding the Office of the Advocate General, is not correct. Moreover, il-Mument attacked the wrong person. This only goes to highlight the ongoing scheming against Victoria Buttigieg. As I have already stated before, this strategy will continue until she is dragged down. Nevertheless, this is a plot built on lies. Therefore I shall be analysing what was written in the article in question on the back page of the Nationalist Party’s paper because I have written more than enough on the Labour situation.  

In il-Mument’s article, a particular senior lawyer is mentioned, who, according to the paper, states that Victoria Buttigieg is undermining justice in our countarry. Here perforce one has to ask who is this lawyer who is stating that she is undermining justice? Justice in our country is undermined by that lawyer working in the Office of the Advocate of the Republic who presents a series of accusations full of lies. He is perfectly aware that he is lying about a serious crime that occurred in our country. I just hope that the truth will come out, and when this will happen, this senior lawyer will not blame Victoria Buttigieg! Has this senior lawyer been hit by Aesop’s myth and has sour grapes? 

While it is true that lawyers working in the Office of the Advocate General are demoralized, this is certainly not Victoria Buttigieg’s and not even Peter Grech’s fault. It is a well-known fact that she is not averse to giving advice in writing in impeccable English! There were many lawyers in this office who were good and are still good lawyers and saw to it that they left their jobs. And here I repeat that they did not leave because of Victoria Buttigieg and not even because of Peter Grech. They left because of someone who, writing the il-Mument article, is doing so for his own interests to protect his own intrigues. It was because of him that there was a mass exodus of lawyers yet, about this fact, nobody says anything and the liberal and progressive media continue keep their mouths shut,

If there is an individual who is hiding evidence in this office, as alleged by the senior lawyer, this is the one who is responsible for the prosecution of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. About this, I have had the opportunity to write at length. Nowhere does Victoria Buttigieg appear to have given a hand with this investigation even though as Advocate General, the investigation falls under her watch.

If any evidence is being kept hidden in the case of the Pilatus Bank investigation, as alleged by this senior lawyer in the Mument, I am not afraid to state that this is incorrect. But if there is an investigation where proof or all evidence was not gathered, this definitely is the case concerning the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It is not I who is saying this but it was said by the Judge after hearing witnesses who appeared before him in connection with this murder. Yet, on this case, deliberately, this senior lawyer kept silent in his article in Il-Mument.

I agree with this senior lawyer that it is wrong that investigations are carried out according to aches and pains but if there is an investigation that was carried out according to aches and pains. it is the one concerning the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and I do not doubt that those, in the Office of the AG, involved in this murder, know that this is the truth.

I ask the editor of Il-Mument whether he knows who was sleeping on the prosecution documents in the Office of the Advocate General when it suited him or took years and years to produce them?

And what is Il-Mument and this senior lawyer proposing? That another inquiry be held to investigate the workings of this office. And who will lead it? Once again, it is being proposed that this inquiry is carried out by retired judges. Not only. He tells us that these have to be judges who worked in criminal law. The other judges are no good! Therefore, there is not much of a choice is there. And everybody knows who he wants. 

And do you know what I tell this senior lawyer? We have already had an inquiry with three retired judges about the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. These investigated and sent for everybody under the sun excluding the person who was being investigated about this murder i.e. Yorgen Fenech. And this senior lawyer wants us to believe that former judges are the only persons capable of holding an impartial inquiry!

But the cherry on the cake was that this senior lawyer repeated the lies of the Times of Malta that Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers were dismissed by our court following a mistake made by the Office of the Advocate General. This same error, which the Times itself corrected on that same day in which it gave the news that these lawyers were liberated. I remind the senior lawyer that it was Ivan Martin who went in person to the chambers of Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers on a private matter and not connected with journalism. Thanks to this case, we got to know that Ivan Martin also undertakes private work.

By any chance, is there a lawyer in the Office of the Advocate General who is suffering from stomach aches after trying to drag these lawyers into court, failing to convict them? It should be stressed that the police started prosecuting Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers without Ivan Martin having even filed a report!

I feel that if someone should be investigated, it is those who created such a cock-up. And it was certainly neither Victoria Buttigieg nor Peter Grech who wanted the police to proceed against Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers. Remember that when I pointed a finger at a lawyer and said that he was behind the manoeuvres against Yorgen Fenech’s two lawyers to be arraigned in court, this same lawyer went before the same court that was compiling evidence against Yorgen Fenech and accused me of lying and asked the magistrate to protect him because he felt threatened by me! Therefore, this senior lawyer wants an inquiry where everyone is questioned except the protagonist or protagonists of this inquiry who, in this case, are Peter Grech and Victoria Buttigieg.  For Pete’s sake leave us in peace and start being logical!

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