According to Yorgen Fenech, Inspector Keith Arnaud was leaking to Keith Schembri the conversations Arthur Azzopardi was having with the police.

On July 11, 2022, the media covered Reuter’s interview with Arthur Azzopardi. Jacob Borg filled us in as to what Arthur Azzopardi said. Apparently, Azzopardi was afraid to go to the police because there was someone leaking the info and passing it on. Arthur Azzopardi stopped short of revealing who the individual within the Police Force is. Nevertheless, Arthur Azzopardi gave important details – regarding the dates when the Degiorgio brothers were to be arrested – that had been leaked.  

And here lies the media’s hypocrisy and unprofessionalism. This information had already been given – under oath – by Yorgen Fenech many months ago in court in the case he had instituted requesting that Keith Arnaud no longer be kept on the investigative team of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. The media, once again, failed to report this!

Before Judge Lawrence Mintoff, Yorgen Fenech testified, loud and clear, that it was Inspector Keith Arnaud who had passed on the information regarding arrests, etc. to Keith Schembri. And always according to Fenech, Arnaud used to send text messages to Keith Schembri and Keith Schembri would show these texts to Yorgen.  I am sure that the independent media is aware of these details yet it has never mentioned them.

In his testimony before Judge Mintoff, Yorgen Fenech also mentioned what Arthur Azzopardi was doing and saying including the talks Azzopardi had with Keith Arnaud concerning his client Vince Muscat (il-Koħħu) who had confessed to his involvement in this crime.  

It is necessary here to emphasise that Yorgen Fenech under oath stated that he saw the messages that Keith Arnaud used to send to Keith Schembri’s mobile when Schembri would show them to him.[Yorgen]

Among Keith Arnaud’s messages, always according to Yorgen Fenech, there was one referring to when the Degiorgio Brothers would be arrested together with Vince Muscat, il-Koħħu. I am herewith reproducing what Yorgen Fenech declared under oath, during his testimony before Mr. Justice Lawrence Mintoff:

“Yorgen Fenech: Yes, because the talks with Muscat il-Koħħu and with Dr. Arthur Azzopardi were being conducted by Keith Arnaud himself, who in real time would send him (Keith Schembri) messages and/or they would meet up or talk and he [Keith Arnaud] would pass on to him [Keith Schembri] this information”.

Therefore, what Yorgen Fenech stated under oath is fact because now this has been confirmed by Arthur Azzopardi in person. At this point, what has to be said is that all police investigations on the Caruana Galizia case have been carried out by Keith Arnaud who has been on the case from the moment the crime was committed.

More important is the fact that Yorgen Fenech spoke the truth before Judge Mintoff. The Police was passing on sensitive information including information about searches before these raids were carried out by the police in connection with the crime. The person who was passing on this information – always according to Yorgen Fenech – is Keith Arnaud. I remind readers that Keith Schembri’s mobile that according to Fenech contained these messages from Keith Arnaud was never found or confiscated by the police!

Moreover, Yorgen Fenech was aware of the talks that Arthur Azzopardi was having with Keith Arnaud in order for his client Vince Muscat, il-Koħħu, to be given a pardon and on other matters concerning the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. In court. Yorgen Fenech was asked by Lawyer Dr. Marion Camilleri:

Dr. Marion Camilleri: Who told you?

Yorgen Fenech: Keith Schembri. I did not know Mr. Arnaud. The first time that I met him was on the day I was arrested, on 20th November. However, Keith Schembri used to tell me that he had a very good relationship with Mr. Arnaud. We often used to be together and used to tell me to look at the message he had sent me etc. etc. He [Arnaud] used to send a continuous update concerning the investigations, for example, details during the investigations….

Dr. Marion Camilleri: Please explain step by step what information you received from Keith Schembri about this case? You have already told us about the arrest of the Degiorgio brothers and Mr. Muscat. What other information did Keith Schembri pass on to you?

Yorgen Fenech: He also passed on to me information that resulted from the disclosures and other recordings, for example, that Mr. Arnaud used to pass on conversations or talks with one of the accused, Vincent Muscat, and his lawyer Arthur Azzopardi concerning the pardon and various details about these talks. For example, other details are that he informed me that my telephone was being tapped…

Is it possible that Reuters’ journalist did not know of these details given by Yorgen Fenech in court? Is it possible that Jacob Borg is not aware of these issues and did not inform Reuters’s journalist?  What is extraordinary, in all this narrative, is that Arthur Azzopardi lacked the courage to reveal the name of the individual who was leaking all the intelligence. On the other hand, Yorgen Fenech, under oath, had already mentioned the name of the individual who was leaking the information about the ongoing investigations regarding the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It was none other than Matthew Caruana Galizia’s hero Superintendent Keith Arnaud.

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