Why haven’t our NGOs asked for the resignation of the CEO of Mater Dei for breaking all codes of ethics?

From a reader of this blog

A damning judgement as that handed down in the First Hall, Civil Court in its Constitutional Jurisdiction, presided by Mr Justice Grazio Mercieca fails to torment the conscience of any of our Parliamentarians on both sides of the House. Not only; not even one of the activist groups all clamouring to defend the rule of law and justice has batted an eyelid. Here I am referring to the inhuman treatment suffered by a person with disability at Mater Dei, where Dr N. Megally is employed.

This follows the nasty incident that occurred at Mater Dei way back in 2018 and the ensuing concerted bullying tactics that continued until finally the victim was left with no other option but to seek redress in our Courts.

According to the report carried in the Times of Malta on 24th June 2022, such a situation presented “all the ingredients of inhuman and degrading treatment,” and this was “truly shameful” the court ruled. “This was more so when this was inflicted by members of the medical profession, “a caring profession bound by its Hippocratic oath,” as well as the CEO of “the hospital of the Maltese State,” observed the court. Whilst declaring the Health Minister as non-suited, the court held that [Dr] Megally had suffered inhuman and degrading treatment as well as discrimination, and ordered his immediate reinstatement”.

Therefore, following the Court’s decision, what have we got here? Are the CEO of Malta’s State Hospital, the Departmental Head and other consultants mentioned in the case racist? Do they believe they are indispensable? They are so indispensable that they are kept on in their job by our Minister of Health without even any form of disciplinary action being taken. What example and values are we transmitting to the next generation when such behaviour is being condoned even by the Government which becomes more dissolute by the hour? Where is the Commission that defends people with disabilities? The members of this commission also remain silent.

The Times of Malta continues:

The incident dates back to July 2018, when Megally was working at the Mater Dei Ultrasound Clinic.  His superior, Professor Yves Muscat Baron had allegedly told Dr Megally that he was taking too long and the medical equipment was needed by another doctor. When the doctor insisted on finishing examining his patients, he was physically carried to a chair outside the clinic by the professor and then hospital CEO Ivan Falzon who would not wait for porters to assist Megally to his wheelchair. All this took place in full view of his patients, one of whom, testified in court to confirm Megally’s version of events”. 

By its silence Parliament, together with the Prime Minister and his ministers have tacitly condoned such despicable behaviour. A different type of behaviour was adopted by the Prime Minister vis-a-vis Mr Alex Dalli. The media lied about Col. Dalli and accused him of mistreating inmates. In Dr Megally’s case, we do not have media accusations but hard facts and nobody – starting from the Church Media, Independent journalists and EU-financed NGOs – is rallying round asking for the sacking of the CEO for such abominable behaviour.  Indeed, they have all contributed to setting yet another precedent that further erodes what was once Malta’s undisputed best characteristic of which she rightly was so proud. While times change and often change is necessary, there are basic and intrinsic factors that must be upheld at all times; these cannot be changed.  

This story confirms that our politicians, activists and independent journalists lack gumption and therefore are becoming unfit for purpose.  

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